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Rent Winter Sports Gear

Getting ready to hit the slopes? You can almost feel the powder churning beneath you. Seasoned veterans as well as newcomers to winter fun save time, money, and space by renting everything they need for a season full of outdoor activity. Before hitting the snow capped mountains of Aspen, Colorado, be sure to rent the proper skis, poles, and boots. Renting the proper snowboard is now easy and convenient if you plan on braving the white peaks of Snowshoe, West Virginia to try your hand at this thrilling activity. Even if you're just staying in your neck of the woods to enjoy the snowfall, try renting sleds and tubes for a fun-filled family adventure.

Skis, Snowboards, & Skiing Equipment

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Enjoying the sport of skiing can be a very pricey endeavor and one that takes up serious storage space. Purchasing skis, either for high performance skiing or normal everyday skiing, can start around $400 and run up to $1000 or more. When serious skiing is what  you are looking for, renting performance ski equipment is the way to go. These type of skis are lighter in weight. They also have a greater fiber concentration for stability and sharper snap on takeoffs and landings.

When renting, it is important to remember modern skis come equipped with a sidecut for turning purposes. More specifically, the sidecut refers to the long inward curve on both sides of a ski. It's designated by three numbers: the widths of the ski's tip, waist, and tail, measured in millimeters.The greater the difference means the larger the sidecut. So whether you rent an alpine or a cross-country model, your ski needs to be wider if you are going to be skiing on powder.  This will help spread your weight out and let you glide more easily over the snow.

When renting skis, beginners and intermediates should remember, the wider and shorter the skis the more stability you will have and the more ease you will have making your turns. A sport ski package is often recommended because of this reason. For more advanced performance skiing choose longer skiis which will increase your speed. Their are alos Jr ski package rentals for children.

Besides skiing, you might also want to give snowboarding a try.  It is the same concept as skiing. The difference is you're using a single board, resembling a wide ski, to ride in a standing position with both feet secured.   After renting the skiis or snowboard, you will also need to rent bindings, and, for skiing, poles. Bindings for your boots will also need to be rented. Bindings are attachments which anchor a ski boot to the ski or fasten your feet to a snowboard. There are different forms, shapes, and sizes of bindings for different types of skiing.

After renting the proper ski boots and bindings, you will also need to rent ski poles. Ski poles are slender poles or sticks used to gain momentum and maintain balance when executing certain jumps. Downhill poles are light and strong while cross country poles have extendable shafts and rubber walking pads. Many poles even have bubble inclinometers near the grip to easily determine the steepness of a slope, which is very important for avalanche assessment. They also have inverted centimeter markings to measure depth of a snowpack. All of these accessories can quickly add up so renting them for a quick day trip or a ski package weekend will not only make your trip easier but will also be easier on your wallet.

Winter Clothing, Ski Jackets, Ski Paints, & Snow Boots

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Where there's snow, there's freezing cold temperatures. To make your outdoor adventure even more comfortable and enjoyable, you will need to rent the proper cold weather gear. When choosing your apparel, it will depend on the weather conditions, the temperature, and the type of snow. Thicker fabrics may be better in certain situations where you may not need too much maneuverability, but more flexible jackets are recommended for downhill and challenging skiing. Waterproof ski jackets and pants help keep the moisture from the snow out.

Along with the proper outerwear, you will also need boots. The right ski boot depends on the size and shape of your feet as well as what type of skier you are. Ski boots are designed to help keep your calves upright and relaxed. Renting the right ones can help you efficiently transfer the movements of your body while skiing or snowboarding. Ski boots also have rubber soles to help with walking on slippery surfaces.

Tobogganing, Tubing, & Sled Rentals

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Sledding, tobogganing, and tubing are fun wintertime activities for every snow lover. Tobogganing involves renting a large, flat sled to slide down a smooth snowy hill. Aerodynamics makes a huge impact in this activity, because lying down can make you move faster than if you are sitting up. Running, jumping into a large rubber tube, then flying down a snow covered hill is a favorite winter time sport enjoyed by people of all ages.

Instead of buying a tube that might be used once or twice a season and then finding room to store it away, consider renting a sled or tube as a more economical decision. The same can be said for sleds and toboggans. A sled can be rented for single rider use or to accommodate several people. Come back to Rent It Today anytime you're ready to head for the snow covered hills.