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Available Veterinary Equipment Rentals

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Rent Veterinary Equipment

Owners of animals both large and small depend on their veterinarian to diagnose and treat health concerns. Sometimes surgical procedures are necessary to keep animals healthy. This requires highly specialized veterinary equipment. The investment required to own some of these surgical machines can sometimes be difficult to justify for private and group practices.

Fortunately, veterinary equipment rentals are a practical solution for a DVM. The importance of having sufficient capital to keep your practice profitable can't be underestimated. Veterinary equipment rental companies assist you in maintaining your workload at a cost effective price.

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine Rental

Animal Anesthesia Machine Rentals

Veterinary anesthesia machines provide an accurate and constant flow of medical gases such as oxygen and dnitrous oxide to the animal during surgery. Mixed with the correct portion of isoflurane (anaesthetic vapor), the patient receives a safe pressure and regulated flow. Patient monitoring devices, ventilators and suction unit devices are commonly combined with anesthesia machines. The standard anesthesia machine comes in a variety of formats, including wall mounted, standard floor model, table top or all-in-one (ventilator, vaporizer, electro-mechanical adjustment).

Anesthesia Ventilator Systems

Veterinary Ventilator for Rent

Anesthesia Ventilator Systems incorporate modern technology in a way that provides unrivaled performance in ventilation and vaporization. Reliability, simplicity and precision make these machines a top choice for veterinary clinics that opt to lease or rent a ventilator machine versus using business capital to own them. Adapt your equipment selection and configuration to the animal being operated on with our variety of available anesthesia ventilator system rentals.

Animal Hospital Infusion & Syringe Pumps

Veterinary Ventilator Rentals

Infusion and Syringe Pump rentals deliver fluids in a controlled and measured fashion. Several types of infusion pumps are available and each have their own function depending on the surgery type and animal. Veterinary infusion pumps closely monitor fluids, drugs, TPN solutions, blood, epidural, subcutaneous and IV levels during surgery. These pumps are lightweight and designed to be user friendly.

Veterinary Tables & Equipment

Veterinary Table Rentals

Arguably the most indispensable piece of equipment at a veternarian's disposal are exam and surgical tables. In order to exam an animal effectively, veternarians need to be able to closely observe the animal. Exam and procedure tables allow veternarians to control the height of the table with a hydraulic pump. Wet tables let veternarians clean animals with a sprayer hose. Hyrdaulic surgical tables equipped with restraints are also available. All veterinary tables are available in stainless steel.