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Ultrasound imaging is a technology that produces sound waves that are then transmitted to a computer screen in the form of pictures or images. Also known as ultrasound scanning or sonography, this painless procedure allows medical technicians a noninvasive way to see inside of the body. More specifically, it captures the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs in real time. Ultrasound imaging assists physicians in diagnosing and therefore treating medical conditions.

Ultrasounds have evolved over the years. In the past, images were only available for display of flat sections of the body. Now, however, with the use on an ultrasound machine, three-dimensional imaging and four-dimensional imaging can take place.

Some situations call for a portable ultrasound machine rental. These could include locations where space is limited, mobility is important, or the scanning must be complete in field.  Reputable medical equipment rental companies across the US offer both new and used portable ultrasound machine rentals at a fraction of the cost to purchase.

Ultrasound Machine Rentals

ultrasound machine rentals

The applications for ultrasound machines are numerous. Amongst other conditions and procedures, they are commonly used for obstetrics, biopsies, and echocardiography.

Using these machines in the field of obstetrics provides invaluable information about pregnancy and the developing fetus. When the ultrasound machine scans the uterus, one can view the baby's current position, gender, and condition. They can also be used to diagnose possible abnormalities. Both 3D and 4D imaging have become very popular with pregnancy ultrasounds.

Foreign objects can be observed when medical personnel complete an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, breasts, bladder, spleen, eyes, and other body parts. If something unusual is detected, a doctor will most likely complete a biopsy of the area to detect whether or not the abnormality is a health hazard. Not only can the ultrasound equipment detect the oddity, but it can also be used to guide the needle during biopsy.

Heart health is indispensible, and an echocardiography can save a life. An echocardiogram is just like other ultrasounds, but it allows you to see the heart’s movement, valves, and chambers, and is most commonly used to diagnose heart disease.

Fetal Doppler Rentals, Baby Heartbeat Monitor For Rent

fetal doppler rentals

A fetal doppler heart rate monitor is a hand held ultrasound instrument used to detect the heartbeat of a fetus. The unit sends and receives sound waves that are amplified through the use of a microphone, while also displaying the baby’s heart rate onto an LCD screen.

In the past, fetal dopplers were only available to medical and healthcare facilities, and therefore individuals would have to wait for an appointment with their physician before hearing the amazing sound of their baby’s heart. Thanks to advancements in technology, and the growth of medical equipment rental companies, fetal dopplers are now also available for rent for home use.

Fetal doppler heartbeat monitors are safe to both Mom and baby, and exceptionally easy to use.  With those details, when individuals rent a fetal doppler heartbeat monitor, they can listen to their baby’s heartbeat as often as they wish, and from wherever they wish! As early as 10 weeks in-utero, parents-to-be can begin bonding with and sharing the experience of listening to baby’s heartbeat with friends and family.