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Suzuki Motorcycle Rentals

Suzuki Motorcycle Rentals

In 1909, Michio Susuki founded Suzuki Loom Works in Japan to accomodate the growing silk industry with weaving loom machines. In 1954 the company took on a new direction by changing the name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. The motorcycle legacy of Suzuki began after the Second World War when Suzuki specialised in two-stroke motorized bicycles. Throughout the late 20th century, Suzuki would cement their fame with the Hayabusa and GSX-R motorcycles, dominating race tracks around the world.Today, Suzuki is among the largest automakers in the world.

Suzuki Sportbike For Rent

The Suzuki sportbike stable features various versions of the GSX and Hayabusa models. Suzuki developed the Hayabusa motorbike over a decade ago and since it's been regarded as a highlight in the long history of Suzuki motorcycles. The Hayabusa raised the bar with high-performance that delivers on the promise of fun and sport--throwing the gauntlet down to all competitors. The light and rigid frame of the Hayabusa is ideal for street performance as well as sport. Equipped with a 1340cc in-line 4-cyldiner fuel injected liquid cooled engine, the Suzuki Hayabusa will show you provide the performance you require.

Suzuki Boulevard Motorcycles

Are you the type that likes to cruise in comfort and style? Suzuki offers a line of motorbikes just for you. The Suzuki Boulevard line comes equipped with the muscle and classic styling for the less-flashy motorcycle enthusiast. The Suzuki Boulevard is a cruiser that comes with engines from the size 805cc to 1783cc. Built for long road trips and the daily commute, the Boulevard is set to match your daily expectations. A smooth suspension, comfortable passenger seat and wide handlebars make this line ideal for the laid back motorcycle rider.

The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 has outsold its brother, the V-Strom 650--leading to the end of production in 2009. The V-Strom was brought back with a completely re-designed, re-engineered bike that brings all the adventure with its size, weight, power and maneuverability.