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Comparing rental strollers in order to find the the stroller suited to your needs is important as different strollers are designed for different occasions and functions. Some stroller rentals are specifically designed for parents who like to run while others are geared towards a simple walk in the park. There are strollers designed to manuever over rough terrain, combo infant travel systems that provide both a car seat & stroller, umbrella strollers, double strollers, and more.

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Making Best Stroller Rental Choice

Wow, their are alot of stroller rentals to choose from for your child. You have a carriage stroller which offer a traditional style and were designed for leisurely walks in the park. Carriage strollers for rent are also known as "Prams" and often offer a fully-reclining seat that will allow your child to lie flat down as you stroll. These type of stroller rentals sometimes have a feature that will allow you to expand the size as your infant grows.

A standard stroller rental offers more flexibility of reclining while providing a sturdy structure. They are appropriate for infants to toddlers and they're considered the easiest to push and steer. They're robust structure and ease of use make them a good choice for prolonged daily activities and errands.

The most popular stroller rental is a lightweight stroller.  Unlike standard strollers the light weight stroller does not have the option of reclining and as such they are only suitable for toddlers that are 1 year old or older. They are generally used as a secondary stroller as they are generally much cheaper and often convenient for quick and common daily activities and errands.

Baby Strollers & Infant Travel Systems

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Don't waste your time or money trying to travel with a stroller when you can easily rent a one on your trip. Whether you need to rent a standard baby stroller, double stroller or even a jogger stroller, Rent It today offers the widest selection of stroller rentals available. Most if not all baby equipment rental companies can have stroller rentals ready at your destination before you arrive.

Joggers & Jogging Strollers

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For the active parent that likes to exercise with there kids while on vacation a jogger stroller for rent is the perfect fit.  As it's title suggest this type of stroller rental was specifically designed for parents who like to jog and wish to bring their toddler along with them. Jogging strollers are designed to be very strong to with withstand the impacts of rocks and bumps in the road.

Their wheels are bigger, usually air filled and designed to take on any surface that you wish to jog on. The frame is much stronger then other strollers although light in weight. Most models often come with a safety strap to prevent the stroller from trailing off from parents by keeping the stroller close.

All-Terrain Stroller Rentals - while there is a lot of similarity in design to that of the jogging stroller an all-terrain stroller is designed differently mainly by use of the front wheel. It's swivel design allows for easy navigation while the structure maintains robust for any environment you wish to take your child on. This makes it easier for parents to steer and maneuver their stroller. It's great for any outdoor situations although can be used effectively for prolonged trips at the mall.