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Cold-Storage Description

Portable refrigerated storage trailer for rent in Raleigh and surrounding Durham, NC area. Portable Refrigeration Storage delivers refrigerated 20ft storage trailers for your temporary cold storage needs. The all electric Carrierâ„¢ refrigeration system supplies the same cooling standard of a diesel powered unit at a fraction of the cost. The units are insulated and equipped with T-rail aluminum flooring for easy pallet jack and fork lift operation. They are able to hold up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked side by side). The trailers require either 230V or 460V 3 power to operate and are equipped with easy access door on the open end. These on-site portable refrigerated trailers will provide convenience and improve your production.

Cold-Storage Specifications:

20ft. Refrigerated Trailer Features:20 Foot Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

  • All Steel Construction
  • Electric Powered
  • Easy Open Door Handle
  • T-Rail Flooring
  • Delivery Rigth to You

20' Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

  • Exterior: 20' (length), 6' (width), 8'6" (height)
  • Interior: 17' (length), 7'6" (width), 7'6" (height)
  • Door Opening: 7'2"W x 7'5"H
  • Cubic Capcity: 1,010 cu.ft. (apprx)
  • Tare Weight: 6,830 lbs.
  • Max Gross: 67,200 lbs.
  • Max Payload: 60,370 lbs.

Available Units From Portable Refrigerated Storage:

  • 20 foot portable walk-in cooler
  • 20 foot refrigerated container
  • 40 foot refrigerated container
  • 40 foot refrigerated trailer
  • 53 foot refrigerated trailer

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