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Cold-Storage Description

Portable refrigerated storage trailer for rent in Greenville, SC. Portable Refrigeration Storage delivers refrigerated 20ft storage trailers for your temporary cold storage needs. The all electric Carrierâ„¢ refrigeration system supplies the same cooling standard of a diesel powered unit at a fraction of the cost. The units are insulated and equipped with T-rail aluminum flooring for easy pallet jack and fork lift operation. They are able to hold up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked side by side). The trailers require either 230V or 460V 3 power to operate and are equipped with easy access door on the open end. These on-site portable refrigerated trailers will provide convenience and improve your production.

Cold-Storage Specifications:

20ft. Refrigerated Trailer Features:20 Foot Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

  • All Steel Construction
  • Electric Powered
  • Easy Open Door Handle
  • T-Rail Flooring
  • Delivery Rigth to You

20' Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

  • Exterior: 20' (length), 6' (width), 8'6" (height)
  • Interior: 17' (length), 7'6" (width), 7'6" (height)
  • Door Opening: 7'2"W x 7'5"H
  • Cubic Capcity: 1,010 cu.ft. (apprx)
  • Tare Weight: 6,830 lbs.
  • Max Gross: 67,200 lbs.
  • Max Payload: 60,370 lbs.

Available Units From Portable Refrigerated Storage:

  • 20 foot portable walk-in cooler
  • 20 foot refrigerated container
  • 40 foot refrigerated container
  • 40 foot refrigerated trailer
  • 53 foot refrigerated trailer

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