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Portable Refrigeration Storage-Columbia

Columbia, SC 29044
United States

Cold-Storage Description

Walk in cooler rentals in Columbia, SC. Portable Refrigeration Storage delivers portable refrigerated 20ft walk in coolers that can fit into a standard parking space and work well for locations with limited space. These walk in coolers electric and are much quieter than diesel powered units. Our portable walk in coolers and walk in freezers sit directly on the ground. They come equipped with a lockable 4' walk-in door, diamond plate floors, digital temperature display and interior lighting. They are NSF® approved and perfect for the food service industry.

Cold-Storage Specifications:

20ft. Walk-in Cooler Features:20 Foot Walk-In Cooler

  • All Steel Construction
  • Electric Powered
  • Easy Open Door Handle
  • Portable
  • 220V Single Phase Power Source Required
  • 50 ft Power Cord
  • Maintains Temperatures of 0˚F and 40˚F
  • Delivery Right to You

20' Walk-In Dimensions

  • Exterior: 20' (length), 8' (width), 8'6" (height)
  • Interior: 18' (length), 7' (width), 7' (height)
  • Door Opening: 4'W x 6'H
  • Cubic Capacity: 880 cu. ft. (apprx)

Available Units From Portable Refrigerated Storage:

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