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Salt Lake City Camping Equipment Rental-Trekking Poles For Rent-Utah Hiking Pole Rentals

Hiking Poles for rent Salt Lake City,UT. LowerGear has crafted an easy way to ship camping gear like camping sleeping bag rentals, tents, gps units, walkie talkies, latern rentals and much more. Rent Trekking and Hiking Poles Utah

Trekking Poles (Set of 2)
Most customers think – “I don’t need hiking poles! Those are for older folks with bad knees, not me!” Think again.

Look at it this way, by answering these questions:

Do you ever grab the handrail when going up or down a stairway?

If you step onto the seat of a chair to reach something, do you first grab the back of chair for balance?

Who falls down more – two-legged or four-legged animals?

Poles offer all kinds of benefits, from the obvious – reducing strain on the back, legs and feet – to handy balance assistance while rock-hopping across a creek with a pack on your back. If you grab the hand rail at your office going up one flight of steps because it’s “easier” and it gives you a better sense of balance, then just maybe it’s a good idea to have the security and strength of an extra set of legs when you’re a long way from help.

Don't forget the other important camping equipment needed when camping and hiking outdoors. LowerGear has Sleeping Bags For Rent, Camping Cookware For Rent, Camping Tent Rentals, Pocket Rocket Stove Burners, Camping Laterns, Backpack Rentals, GPS Navigation Units For Rent, Mattress Pads, Two Way Radios, Hiking Poles, Bear Canisters and much more camping equipment rentals.

LowerGear provides camping equipment rentals in Utah. Meeting the needs of campers throughout every national park, state park, and camping site throughout the country. In Utah they meet the backpacking needs of renters in state parks such as Antelope Island State Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum, Deer Creek, Escalante Petrified Forest, Fremont Indian, Jordanelle, Red Fleet, Steinaker, Wasatch Mountain, Goblin Valley, Goosenecks, Kodachrome Basin, Antelope Island, Green River, Rockport, Dead Horse Point, Escalante Petrified Forest, Bear Lake, Hyrum, Otter Creek and Quail Creek.

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