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Portland Camping Equipment Rental-Womens Backpack For Rent-Oregon Backpack Rentals

Women's camping backpack rental Oregon. LowerGear has crafted an easy way to ship camping backpacks for rent across the country. If your looking to rent a medium capacity backpack or a high capacity backpack, LowerGear has your camping gear rentals. Also you can rent camping cook stove, camping tents, sleeping bags, GPS units,hydration gear and more

Backpack For Rent – Women's
Although nearly all packs are reasonably unisex in comfort, form and function, we do have models from two manufacturers that have been designed specifically for women – the Gregory Deva and the Kelty Satori.

The difference between the two to hikers often boils down to just fit and preferences. You can stuff away your gear in one or two compartments in the Deva; the Kelty has more external pockets if you like that feature. The Deva may be bit more adjustable in the fitting; the Kelty can be stripped down in capacity and weight for shorter, lighter trips. The Kelty has a greater capacity – about 4700 cubic inches compared to the Deva’s 3900 cubic inches. You can indicate your preference in the “comments box” of the shopping cart; otherwise we will send what is available at the time. Neither will disappoint

Don't forget the other important camping equipment needed when camping and hiking outdoors. LowerGear has Sleeping Bags For Rent, Camping Cookware For Rent, Pocket Rocket Stove Burners, Camping Lanterns, Backpack Rentals, GPS Navigation Units For Rent, Mattress Pads, Two Way Radios, Hiking Poles, Bear Canisters and much more camping gear rentals.

LowerGear provides camping equipment rentals in Washington. Meeting the needs of campers throughout every national park, state park, and camping site throughout the country. In Oregon they meet the backpacking needs of renters in state parks such as Fall Creek State Recreation Area, Farewell Bend State Recreation Area, Fort Stevens State Park, Goose Lake State Recreation Area, Government Island State Recreation Area, Harris Beach State Park

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