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Michigan Camping Equipment Rental-Trekking Poles For Rent-Detroit Hiking Pole Rentals

Hiking Pole rentals in Detroit, MI. Poles offer all kinds of benefits, from the obvious reducing strain to balance assistance while rock hopping across a creek with a pack on your back. LowerGear offers backpacking accessories and camping supplies that are required for a comfortable and successful trip. There is more to camping than just backpack, tents & sleeping bags. They provide all hiking gear and camping gear in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Lansing and all of Michigan.

These 3-section poles, while light, are super-strong to support even the biggest amongst us. The pole length is adjustable from about 25-55 inches, with easy-to-adjust joints that don’t give out while in use.

Poles offer all kinds of benefits, from the obvious reducing strain on the back, legs and feet to handy balance assistance while rock-hopping across a creek with a pack on your back. If you grab the hand rail at your office going up one flight of steps because it’s “easier” and it gives you a better sense of balance, then just maybe it’s a good idea to have the security and strength of an extra set of legs when you’re a long way from help.

But won’t my arms get tired? No. Any burden on your arms – and these poles are much lighter than a beer, which you never complained about lifting – is more than offset by the relief on your back, knees, and legs. We offer poles from MSR (Overland Carbon) and Tracks (Trek 'R 3) among others; all models are lightweight with comfortable grips and wrist straps that make them a breeze to handle.

Good quality trekking poles are surprisingly expensive, but the pain of writing that check is a lot less than the pain of sore knees and toe blisters from long downhill treks. With us, rental is no pain in the wallet or knees.

Camping accessories and backpacking supplies cover a lot of territory, but there is a lot more to a comfortable and successful camping trip than just the basics, such as backpack, tents, sleeping bags, etc. LowerGear offers the entire spectrum of gear you need for a pleasant backpacking or camping trip at very economical and practical rates.

You"ll want to eat heartily along the way on backpacking trips, and dining under the stars is always a treat on the family camping trip. They carry the cooking gear you need to get you through your trip, whether you want to barely get by or feast like royalty.

Management of water for drinking is of utmost importance while you're out in the back country. You can't, or shouldn't drink right from the source in most places, and sources may be far apart. So you need to be prepared to treat the water you find and efficiently carry water with you to stay well hydrated on the trail.

LowerGear Outdoor Rentals and Sales is one member of the world's largest online outdoor gear and gadget rental company family. They rent all the camping gear basics such as tents and backpacks; hard to find rental gear like water filters & trekking poles; and handheld GPS units for trail use and geocaching events. They also sell a few camping supplies and incidentals to go along with their rental gear.

From their facility in Tempe, Arizona they meet the needs of the family-of-four; the solo long distance hiker; or a group of hundreds going on a camping retreat anywhere in the country. They ship camping gear directly to you at any location you specify. Use it, enjoy it, re-box it and drop it off at a nearby UPS Store or other UPS authorized shipping center. Find anything you need for camping, backpacking and more from LowerGear, they have a complete outdoor rental gear selection. They also sell camping and outdoor supply basics so you can get all you need from just one source. Rent camping and backpacking gear like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, gps systems and much more in Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Dearborn, Clinton, Westland and all of Michigan.

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