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Denver Camping Backpack Rentals-High Capacity Backpack For Rent-Colorado Camping Equipment Rental

High capacity backpack for rent across Colorado. LowerGear has crafted an easy way to ship camping backpacks for rent across the country. If your looking to rent a medium capacity backpack or a high capacity backpack, LowerGear has your camping gear rentals. Also you can rent camping cook stove, camping tents, sleeping bags, GPS units,hydration gear and more. Camping Backpack Rentals Nationwide

Backpack Rental - Hi Capacity for Long Trips

The packs in this series are useful when you have heavier loads or a high volume of gear to carry. Examples include cold-weather trips where additional clothes and camping gear are required; long trips (> one week) without resupply points; or where one person is carrying gear for others as well

These high-capacity back pack rentals have a lot of comfortable padding, weighing in at a bit more than six pounds and have a capacity of around 5000 cubic inches, give or take a few hundred. They are rated to carry 50 or more pounds if needed. That’s a lot. For most solo packers, we suggest renting a medium-capacity pack for most typical backpacking trips, unless you fall into one of the needs above. We also rent expedition packs when you literally need to take the kitchen sink. On the other hand, if you can take lightweight gear that packs down well, and want to shave weight from your back, we also rent a few ultralight backpacks.

Don't forget the other important camping equipment needed when camping and hiking outdoors. LowerGear has Sleeping Bags For Rent, Camping Cookware For Rent, Camping Tent Rentals, Pocket Rocket Stove Burners, Camping Lanterns, Backpack Rentals, GPS Navigation Units For Rent, Mattress Pads, Two Way Radios, Hiking Poles, Bear Canisters and much more camping equipment rentals.

LowerGear provides camping equipment rentals in Colorado. Meeting the needs of campers throughout every national park, state park, and camping site throughout the country. In Colorado they meet the backpacking needs of renters in state parks such as Eleven Mile State Park, Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Highline Lake State Park, Navajo State Park, State Forest State Park, Mueller State Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Barr Lake State Park and Lory State Park.

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