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Sporting Equipment | Camping Gear | Golf Club Rental

Sporting Equipment Rentals

When you are on vacation, do you like to get out and be active playing sports? How about going fishing or catching some waves on a surf board? Look no further, Rent It Today has all the sporting equipment you will need to rent so you can enjoy your vacation. Find camping equipment, gear for water sporting activities, snorkel & scuba gear, skis, winter sports supplies, and more.

Renting sports equipment is an economical choice for families on a budget with children involved in high end sports. Seasonal sport items like skis and golf clubs can be a costly investment for equipment that is only used a few months out of the year. Renting those same items during the time they are needed will save you a great deal of money. Need more convincing? The folks at the Wall Street Journal agree. Read what they have to say in their "Tip of the Week" citing Rent It Today.

Skis, Snowboards, & Winter Sports

Ski Rental and Winter Sporting Equipment

Rent It Today markets a wide selection of ski & snowboard rentals and demo equipment. Whether this is your first time skiing or you are an avid winter sport enthusiast, we have you covered. Our categories include ski and snowboard rental packages, featuring men, women, and junior skis. Within these packages you’ll find the best brands like Atomic, Dynastar, Head, K2, Salomon, and Volkl.

Rent It Today lists individual skis and accessories including: boots, poles, skis, snowboards, bindings, safety gear, and more. Browse additional winter sport rental equipment like snow shoes, ice climbing equipment, and winter clothing.

Backpacking & Camping Gear Rentals

Rent A Backpack Nationwide

Are you ready to experience a turnkey outdoor experience? Want to try camping but don't want to invest in all the gear until you give it a go? Don't feel like packing and hauling all your gear across the state or country? If these scenarios describe you, you are not alone, and there is a burgeoning outdoor camping equipment rental industry ready to serve you.

Outdoor outfitters rent just about anything you need for camping, backpacking, and related outdoor hiking activities, and most will ship the equipment to your destination so it's there when you arrive. Many rental companies even offer GPS rentals so you don't get lost during your wilderness adventure.

You've found your way to Rent It Today, now explore the possibilities our outdoor camping equipment rental partners offer to enhance your experience with nature and the great outdoors..

Golf Club Rentals

Golf Clubs For Rent

Are you planning to hit the green and  play golf on your next out of town trip? Maybe you're anticipating a golf vacation to your favorite golf mecca or exploring a new one to add to your list of golf destinations. Unfortunately, it is a familiar challenge to pack the car and include all the bulky golf equipment you'll need for your game. Flying? It is becoming increasingly costly to pay for additional carry-on luggage or to even checked baggage.

Rent It Today has your golf equipment issue solved for you. With the help of specialized golf club rental companies, you can have clubs waiting for you at the golf course. If you've never tried this option, Rent It Today encourages you to give it a try. Golf club rental is not only economical and hassle free, it's also a great opportunity to try out a new driver, putter, or different equipment.

Discover the benefits of golf rental and why renting golf equipment is becoming an increasingly popular option for golf vacation travelers.  View All Golf Club Rentals

Water Sports Equipment

Water Ski Rental and Sporting Equipment for Rent

The water surface is smooth as glass, inviting you to grab your gear and enjoy the exhilarating rush that comes with skimming over it. Whether planning a beach vacation or weekend getaway to your favorite lake, there are countless water sporting activities available for people diving into the ocean, lake, or river.

Water skiing, tubing, kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving are just a few popular sporting activities people enjoy when vacationing on or near the water. Find water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, water tubes, air chairs, wet suits, life jackets & safety gear...heck, you can even rent the boat!

Our rental company partners are eager to share their expertise in outfitting your water adventure. No need to pack all that cumbersome and space impeding gear. Instead, rent the equipment at your waterside destination. When you're done, you simply drop the rental equipment off, and head for home.

So grab or rent your wet suit, and discover how simple and affordable renting is. you will quickly realize why it is becoming a choice more and more water enthusiasts are enjoying. Just remember to be safe, and have a blast on the water.