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Segway Events Description

Boston Segway Event Rental-The Segway Amazing Race-Segway Special Events

Boston Gliders provides unique and exciting event planning for groups of all sizes and structures. Paying close attention to detail and being highly organized to plan the most out of your Segway Event. Every event is specially priced and given its unique touch. They arrange the parties into reasonable sized groups, each with their own Adventure Captain and each with their own personalized, private experience. Catering to corporate functions, bridal/bachelor parties, birthday parties, family reunions, Bat / Bah mitzvahs etc

The Amazing Race:

An Amazing Race event is an exciting way to experience both the city of Salem and Segway gliding at it's best! Based on the TV show by the same name, the Amazing Race events feature teams following a series of clues and tasks around the city. However, instead of using taxis, planes and boats for their mode of transportation, you are all on Segways! For each Amazing Race event, the group come to their office located at 75 Commercial St., Boston, MA 02109 to go through Segway training and learn the rules of the Amazing Race. From there, the teams are sent out with their first clue. Throughout the event, they have one staff member following each team to make sure everyone is safe, following the rules and that they do not stray too far off course. They also have staff members following each of the teams taking pictures and recording video throughout the event.

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