Flagstaff AZ Kawasaki Rentals

Kawasaki Motorcycle rentals in Flagstaff, AZ. The first Kawasaki motorcycle was completed in 1954. In 1960 Kawasaki built a factory dedicated to motorcycle production. When fledgling motorcycle manufacturer Meguro Manufacturing Co. Ltd. merged with Kawasaki Aircraft in 1962, the development of thesingle cylinder 250 cc OHV. By the mid-60s, Kawasaki was exporting motorcycles to the American market. Kawasaki motorcycles have won numerous world championship races, establishing Kawasaki as a brand with a winning legacy.

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Motorycle Rental In Flagstaff AZ-Kawasaki 1400 Concours

Rent the Kawasaki 1400 Concours today in Flagstaff, AZ. The Kawasaki Concours mixes sporty riding with the comfort of a modern tourer. Give us a call today and reserve your Kawasaki motorcycle today!

Rent The Kawasaki Ninja 300 Today In Flagstaff AZ

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Sport Bike rental available in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Kawasaki Ninja's were introduced in 2012 and 2013. It replaced the Ninja 250R. Give us a call today and rent your Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager Motorcycle Rental In Flagstaff AZ

Reserve the Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager today in Flagstaff, AZ. The Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager has a liquid cooled, 4 stroke V-Twin engine and is a very smooth ride. Give us a call today and rent yours today!