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RV Rentals

Some of the top reasons you should consider renting a camper or contacting an RV rental company when planning your next vacation include traveling with the comforts of home, having the ability to visit numerous states and landmarks during one trip, possessing the freedom to change plans on a whim, and affordability.

RVs, also known as motorhomes, are available with numerous amenities and in a variety of classes, and Rent It Today is ready to help you find the RV rental of your dreams.

Class A RV Rental

Class A RVs for Rent

Rent It Today markets a wide selection of top of the line RVs, also known as Class A motorhomes. Class A motorhomes are the largest of the fleet, and usually possess more than the average amount of conveniences. Luxury amenities within in a Class A motorhome can include a kitchen, leather interior, entertainment systems, additional bathrooms, larger bed sizes, a hot tub, a washer/dryer set, and a wet bar. Class A RVs often encompass a more spacious floorplan, and are the motorhome most commonly associated with famous stars and athletes or wealthy individuals.

Class B Motorhome Rental

Class B RV Rentals

Class B motorhomes are the smallest in size of RVs. A Class B is a modified van that can include space for sleeping, kitchen amenities, toilet facilities, and electric and water hookup. Most Class B RVs also have an extended roof to provide more headroom.

Class B motorhomes are best suited for a short trip with just 2-4 passengers. They appeal to travelers looking for economy, safety, and easy maneuverability. The car-like design makes a Class B motorhome easier to drive than the larger Class A or Class C counterparts.

Rent A Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhome Rental

A popular RV rental for a family vacation, the Class C motorhome is commonly referenced as a “mini-motorhome.” A Class C motorhome is built atop a cutaway van or truck chassis. Similar to a camper, a Class C includes a truck cab designed for sleeping quarters. Class C motorhome rentals are available in luxury designs or in more economic means. They have all the basic conveniences of a home including a kitchen and bathroom. Additional amenities can include entertainment features, slideouts, upgrades in equipment and appliances, and adinette.

Travel Trailer Rental

Travel Trailer Rental

If you have a vehicle with hauling capabilities, you may want to consider a travel trailer rental for your trip. Similar to other RVs, travel trailers provide all the comforts of home. They are ideal for weekend getaways for two or even a family vacation. The greatest benefit of a travel trailer is the ability to detach the trailer from the vehicle for more convenient travel into town or for sightseeing.

Travel trailers are available in a variety of floor plans, and can vary in models resembling just more than a tent on wheels to a luxurious home on wheels. Some travel trailers have modern conveniences including sleeping quarters, a shower, a kitchen, and a slideout for additional space.

Pop Up Camper Rentals & Pop Up Trailers For Rent

Pop-Up Trailer Rental

A pop-up camper or pop-up trailer rental combines the experience of open air tent camping with modern conveniences. Pop-ups are offered in formats providing adequate sleeping space, basic amenities, and weather protection. They allow you the ability to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

When it’s time to set up camp, a pop-up literally does as its name implies. The top pops up and canvas walls with mesh windows unfold. They typically range in length from 15 feet to 23 feet, and are great for someone who is new to camping or RVing. Even more convenient, the compactness and lightweight nature of a pop-up camper makes them an easy haul by most any vehicle with a hitch.

Toy Hauler Rental

Toy Hauler Rentals

If you are planning to venture out and enjoy other activities that require additional vehicles (i.e. snowmobiles, motorcycles, or ATVs) during your RV journey, a toy hauler would be your best choice in motorhome rentals. A toy hauler is also a good choice for individuals transporting goods or products.

Toy hauler trailers are ramped RVs that include a garage in the rear of the motorhome for drive up capabilities. The front of the toy hauler is designed similarly to other RVs, and include all the comforts of home.