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Local home medical equipment rentals serving metro Phoenix, AZ. Home Again Medical has been serving Arizona residents and visitors for over 30 years. We provide state of the art home medical supplies. Our staff includes a licensed occupational therapist to help you or a loved one be sure you're getting right product to meet your needs. We invite you to call or visit our showroom.

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Healthcare Rentals

Sleeping With The CPAP Rental

CPAP rental in Phoenix, Arizona. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. They are used as a type of ventilation or breathing therapy.

Phoenix Medical Equipment Rentals - CPAP Ventilators For Rent - Arizona Medical Supplies:

CPAP Ventilator Machine Rentals in Phoenix Arizona. CPAP, "continuous positive airway pressure" keeping the upper airway passage open during sleep. Medical Equipment, and Healthcare supply rentals to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tuscon, Sedona, Flagstaff, all of Arizona and The United States.Lease CPAP Machines

Phoenix Medical Equipment Rentals - Portable Oxygen Concentrator For Rent - Arizona Medical Supplies:

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Phoenix AZ., Home Again Medical supplies Mobility Scooters, Medical Equipment, Healthcare, Disability, & Handicap supplies to Scottsdale, Glendale, Tuscon, Sedona, Flagstaff, all of the Phoenix Metro Area

red 3 wheeled scooter

Mobility scooters for rent in Phoenix, AZ. Home Again Medical has a wide range of mobility scooters from quality manufacturers such as Invacare, Pride, Merits, Golden Technology, and Drive. Deliver is available on all mobility scooter rentals. At Home Again Medical we believe in helping you with independence and mobility options. Call today to reserve a mobility scooter for rent in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Goodyear and Surprise areas of Arizona.

Red Pride Powerchair

Powerchair for rent in Phoenix, AZ. Motorized wheelchairs are similar to standard wheelchairs, but are powered by an electric motor. They are rented by individuals who prefer not to propel a manual wheelchair with their arms. Eliminates fatigue and allows much greater freedom of movement over greater distances.

Where to rent wheelchairs in Phoenix AZ

Wheelchair for rent in the Phoenix, AZ metro area. If you or a loved one need to rent a quality brand name wheelchair, please contact Home Again Medical today and get a rental quote for a standard wheelchair. We offer a variety of mobility rental options and have an occupational therapist on staff to assist you. To learn more about renting a wheelchair in Phoenix please give us a call 602-272-0707

Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Bariatric Wheelchair for rent in the Phoenix, AZ metro area. The Home Again Medical bariatric wheelchairs are designed with a variety of seat widths and depths. The chair provides not only ease in maneuverability, but stability that can be trusted.

Blue Transport Chair

Transport chair for rent in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Transport Wheelchairs are different from a manual wheelchair in that they are designed to be pushed by the caregiver, friend, or family member of the person seated in the chair. Some individuals prefer these chairs because they are lighter and somewhat easier to maneuver.

Home Again Medical Wheelchair Ramp

Phoenix, AZ local wheelchair ramp rental available from Home Again Medical. Are you needing a way to get up steps with your wheelchair or scooter? Contact Home Again Medical to rent a ramp to make any place easier to maneuver.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator rental in Phoenix, Arizona. The portable oxygen concentrator that Home Again Medical offers is the SeQual Eclipse System. This is ideal for those that like to travel (long or short), because it is FAA approved on most airlines.

Actively Using Oxygen Concetrator

Oxygen Concentrator rentals in Phoenix, Arizona. Home Again Medical now offers the Invacare PerfectO2 Oxygen Concentrator that is smaller, quieter, uses less energy, and features cooler operating temperatures. Ideal for clients who like to travel (short or long trips). FAA approved for travel on most airlines. We serve residents of and visitors to the Phoenix metro area. Licensed respiratory therapist on staff.

Respiratory Medical Equipment

Nebulizer rentals available in Phoenix, AZ. Home Again Medical's nebulizer rentals are small, battery operated units that help assist in administering medication in the form of mist inhaled into the lungs.

Sleeping With A BiPAP

BiPAP rentals available in Phoenix, AZ. BiPAP's are similar to a CPAP, but have two pressures that allow the machine to alternate between them. This allows you to breathe out against slightly low pressure. We have a respiratory therapist on staff to assist you. Choose from Invacare and Respironics brand name units.

Find A Hospital Bed For Rent In Phoenix

Hospital bed rental is available in Phoenix, AZ. Home hospital beds are designed for patients that benefit from having a bed which can be adjusted to accommodate their changing needs during recovery. Each bed is easily adjusted to a position that comforts you or a loved one.

Bariatric Bed

Bariatric hospital bed rental is available in Phoenix, AZ from Home Again Medical. Bariatric Hospital Beds provide extra strength and greater support compared to standard hospital beds. These beds are also referred to as heavy duty hospital beds.

Image of Alternative Pressure Pad

Alternative Pressure Pad rentals available in Phoenix, AZ. Alternative pressure pads are used to aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers for those at risk. The alternative pad is designed to go on top of your mattress.

Image of a Medical Trapeze

Bed trapeze rentals available in Phoenix, AZ. A medical trapeze is designed to help patients get in and out of bed more easily by providing a hanging bar above the bed to grab. Also helps the user to reposition in bed as well.

Blue Rollator

Rollators for rent in the Phoenix, AZ metro area. Most rollators are 4 wheeled and combine secure support for walking with a place to sit when you could use a break. Contact Home Again Medical today to rent a rollator for yourself or a loved one.

Where To Find A Knee Walker

Knee walker for rent in Phoenix, AZ metro area. A knee scooter is a great alternative for crutches or a traditional walker. Contact Home Again Medical today and rent your knee walker. Your arms will thank you! To learn more about renting a knee scooter in Phoenix please call 602-272-0707

Sit To Stand Lift Invacare

Sit To Stand Lift rental in Phoenix, Arizona. Sit To Stand Lifts are an ideal device for everyday patient handling and transport as well as those who benefit from rehabilitation support.

Patient Lift For Rent Phoenix

Patient Lift rental in Phoenix, Arizona. Patient lifts are often reffered to as hoyer lifts, and are designed to help transfer a patient from one place to another. Call Home Again Medical today for your patient lift rental. Delivery is available.

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