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Best Solutions Home Medical located 30011 Euclid Avenue, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092 is the number one supplier of home medical equipment for rent. The best telephone number to reach our store location is 440-373-1200. We service and deliver home medical equipment rentals to Cleveland, Lakewood, Euclid, Mentor, Fairport Harbor, Perry, Madison and even Akron and Youngstown Ohio. We have a wide selection of healthcare medical equipment for rent: wheelchairs, mobility scooters, powerchairs, heavy duty scooters, hospital beds, patient lifts, knee scooters and portable ramps. To learn more about insurance coverage, medicare coverage and how much does it cost to rent home medical equipment please give us a call.

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Healthcare Rentals

Rent A Hospital Bed Near Cleveland For $180 A Month

Hospital Bed For Rent in Wickliffe, OH. Invacare Hospital Bed with a bed rails can handle a weight capacity of 450lbs. Full-Electric home hospital beds are available for rent to nursing homes, pain clinics, hospice care facilities, hospitals and private homes. Monthly rental rates apply. We will deliver the hospital bed rental to you. On average hospital bed rentals cost about $180.00 a month. To learn more about renting a hospital bed please call 440-373-1200 .

Rent a HD Bed

Heavy duty bariatric hospital bed rental near or in Cleveland, Ohio. The fully electric heavy duty bariatric beds hand controls provides multiple bed positions, with a split-pan design that operates smoothly and quietly, adjusting your patient into proper position with little fuss. A manual crank is even included in case of an emergency. The heavy bed rental weight capacity is 600 lbs. To find out how much it cost to rent a bariatric hospital bed in Wickliffe, Ohio please call 440-373-1200


Prevent bed sores by renting a Gel Overlay Mattress. We are located near Wickliffe Ohio. Renting a gel overlay mattress optimizes pressure redistribution and comfort in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers. Gel mattresses are the first step in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. Gel Overlay mattresses are designed to fit over an existing mattress or bedframe. To learn more rental rate pricing please call 440-373-1200 .

Cleveland Ohio low air loss mattress rentals.

Do you need to rent a Low Air Loss Mattress and located near Wickliffe, Ohio. We also service and deliver to the Cleveland area. A low-air-loss bed consists of a bed frame with a series of connected air-filled pillows with or without minute holes that allow air to escape. Rent Low Air Loss – Medi Aire Drive Bed – 8” surface pad is $250.00 per month. To learn more about renting a low air loss mattress please call 440-373-1200

who will rent a pressure pad for home use in Cleveland Area?

Alternating Pressure Pad For Rent in Wickliffe, OH Designed to be placed on top of an existing mattress, the Alternating Pressure Pad System help prevent pressure ulcers for those who may be at-risk. The pump alternately inflates and deflates air cells in the alternating pressure pad. Questions about renting an alternating pressure pad? Give us a call at 440-373-1200

rent a travel size mobility scooter

Get the best rental price for a Travel Portable Mobility Scooter for rent in Wickliffe, Ohio just outside of Cleveland. 3 wheeled mobility scooter rentals are designed for people who have some mobility challenges. When inquiring about renting a portable travel mobility scooter please consider what it will be used for, inside, outside or both. Knowing this information will help our team secure the correct power scooter rental for you. Delivery is available. To learn more please call 440-373-1200

cleveland oh hd scooters for rent

Bariatric heavy duty mobility scooter for rent in Wickliffe, Ohio. Heavy duty mobility scooters are a comfortable alternative to walking. Whether you want to go down the street or on vacation, having the right scooter can make a world of difference. Bariatric HD mobility scooters have bigger seats, arm rests and foot rests that are designed for larger individuals. Weight capacity is 500lbs. Delivery is available in the Cleveland, Ohio area just call 440-373-1200

mobility powerchair rentals cleveland oh

Power wheelchair for rent in Cleveland, OH. Renting an electric wheelchair is appropriate if you are unable to propel a manual wheelchair or if you are looking to reduce the strain on your shoulders and arms. To learn more about renting an electric power chair please call 440-373-1200. Delivery is available in areas like Wickliffe, Ohio please call.

rent a heavy duty electric powerchairs

Heavy Duty Electric wheelchair rental in Wickliffe, Ohio near downtown Cleveland. Bariatric heavy duty powerchairs weight capacity is 400 lbs. Heavy duty power wheelchairs have bigger seats, arm rests and foot rests that are designed for larger individuals. Heavy duty power chairs feature larger motors, longer frames, and increased torque which makes them durable on all types of terrain. To learn more about renting a bariatric heavy duty electric wheelchairs call 440-373-1200

Cleveland Oh Wheelchair rental resource

Daily Wheelchair Rentals near Cleveland, Ohio for $20 a day. You can rent a wheelchair for $50 for the week and $75 for the month. Best Solutions Home Medical is located in Wickliffe, OH and delivers to areas like Lakewood, Euclid, Mentor, Fairport Harbor, Akron, Youngstown, Cuyahoga Heights, Parma, Fairview Park, Cleveland Heights, Kirtland, Mentor, Grand River, Timberlake, Euclid, Bratenahl, Shaker Heights, Maple Heights, Madison, Painesville in Ohio. Call 440-373-1200

rent a wheelchair heavy duty

Heavy duty bariatric wheelchair for rent in Wickliffe, Ohio. Heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs can help you regain some of your mobility when movement is impaired by injury or a chronic health condition. All bariatric wheelchairs come with armrest and leg rest. This wheelchair weight capacity is 500lbs. Delivery is available on all bariatric wheelchair rentals. Call 440-373-1200

rent hd extra wide 24 wheelchairs

Extra Wide Heavy Duty Wheelchair Rental in Wickliffe, Oh. Heavy duty wheelchairs, often referred to as extra wide wheelchairs or bariatric wheelchairs are sturdy enough to accommodate almost any user. Extra wide heavy duty wheelchair rentals all fold up and feature arm rests and swing-away footrests. Delivery is available on all bariatric extra wide wheelchair for rent near Cleveland, Ohio. Contact us at 440-373-1200

Rent A Knee Scooter in Cleveland Ohio

Knee walker for rent Wickliffe Oho area. A knee walker or sometimes called a knee scooter is an excellent rental alternative to using crutches. Knee walkers have a simple steering wheel so you can easily maneuver around. One of the best benefits a knee walker provides is how easily the unit folds up without tools making travel, storage or just getting around easy. Local delivery is available.. To learn more please call 440-373-1200

Deliver A Patient Lift Rental

Deliver A Patient Lift Rental to the Cleveland Ohio area. Do you need to rent a patient lift for a private home, nursing home, hospice care or a hospital ? Renting a patient lift reduce the risk of care giver injury when transferring a person with limited mobility. Battery operated Hoyer Lift rental is $250.00 per month. Must buy the sling. To learn more about medicare or insurance covered patient lift rentals please contact us at phone.

Ohio Cleveland Lift Chair Recliner Rentals

Lift chair for rent Cleveland Ohio. 2 and 3 position lift chair recliner rental is perfect for helping individuals get from a sit to stand position. By renting a reclining lift chair it does it all: sit, stand, and recline. With an easy to use remote, the power to sit, stand or fully recline is in the palm of your hand. To learn more about delivery options and how much does it cost to rent a lift chair in the Cleveland Ohio area please call 440-373-1200

Overbed Table Rental

Hospital Overbed table rental in Cleveland, Ohio. Renting an overbed table is an excellent option because the user can adjust the height, making it perfect when reading, writing or eating. The base of the overbed table rental is highly adjustable; it can be raised with just the slightest upward pressure and adjusts anywhere from 28" to 45". To learn more about delivery options and overbed table rental rates please contact us at 440-373-1200

renting a wheelchair ramp near Cleveland OH

Wheelchair Fold Up Ramp Rentals in Cleveland, Ohio area. All wheelchair accessible ramps for rent are portable and lightweight. This 4ft ramp is constructed of aluminum with a durable non-skid loading surface. Aluminum wheelchair ramp rentals are typically 29''x4' and handle a weight capacity of 400 Ib Max. Pick and delivery is available on all portable wheelchair ramp rentals. To learn more please call 440-373-1200

Rent A Fold Up Ramp

6 Foot power scooter and wheelchair ramp rental in Wickliffe Ohio. Handicap accessible wheelchair ramps are made from aluminum and have a non-skid surface for additional safety. The wheelchair ramps for rent easily fold up so the user can stow away. Max weight capacity on the 6 foot wheelchair ramps for rent is 400 lbs. Delivery to areas like Cleveland, Lakewood, Euclid, Mentor, Fairport Harbor, Cuyahoga Heights, Parma, Fairview Park, Mentor, Grand River, Eastlake, ghts, Maple Heights Ohio.

portable wheelchair ramp for rent

Wheelchair Fold Up Ramp Rental Wickliffe, Ohio. This 8 Foot Aluminum wheelchair ramp for rent is skid resistant. Max weight capacity on the 8 foot wheelchair ramp rental is 400 lbs. Wheelchair ramp rentals can either be picked up from the store location 30011 Euclid Avenue, Wickliffe, OH 44092.
Additional size ramp rentals are available. To learn more about portable fold up ramps please call 440-373-1200

Wickliffe Oh Wheelchair Ramps for rent

Rent Handicapp Accessible Wheelchair Ramp in nearby Wickliffe Ohio. This ramp available for rent is 10ft long. 10' Multi-Fold Aluminum Ramps are perfect for loading onto porches, curbs, landings, steps, or into full-size and mini vans. Wheelchair ramps for rent can either be picked up from the store location or delivery arrangements can be made. To learn more about renting a ramp please call 440-373-1200

Rent A Wheelchair Ramp Wickliffe OH

Threshold ramp for rental in Wickliffe, Ohio. Threshold ramps provide a simple and safe way to navigate through doorways, raised landings, curbs, and more. Threshold ramps are a great rental option for those using a wheelchair, walker, or scooter who have a difficult time maneuvering over an entrance way or other small barriers. Threshold ramps are easy to install, lightweight and able to work in the most severe conditions. To learn more about renting a threshold doorway ramp please call 440-373-1200.

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