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Experienced and knowledgeable staff from Home Medical Equipment Rentals will provide you top-notch customer service to ensure you get the most fitting medical equipment for your specific lifestyle. With a reputation built on offering excellent support and the highest quality healthcare products available, you can depend on All Medical for your oxygen concentrator, power chair, wheelchair, and much more.

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Perfecto2 V Invacare Oxygen Concentrator With Wheels

Home oxygen concentrator for rent in Columbia, SC. Invacare Perfecto2 V oxygen concentrators is a stationary concentrator great for use in the home. To learn more about renting respiratory equipment please give us a call today

Invacare Lightweight Transport Chair

Transport wheelchair for rent in Columbia, SC. Designed for safety, this transport chair rental is only 19 lbs making it easy to maneuver. Light weight wheelchair rental make it simple to get around, load into a car and much more. Any questions please give us a call.

Invacare EX2 Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair rentals in Columbia, SC. Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchairs for rent are available. Several different size manual wheelchairs are available for rent. Just give us a call and we will help determine what you require. Call today to learn more about renting a wheelchair.

Powerchair with Footrest

Available to rent is a electric mobility powerchair in Columbia, SC. Offering a compact design and ATX suspension, Jazzy powerchairs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. To learn more about renting a powerchair please give us a call today.

Red Jazzy 1650 Heavy-Duty Power Chair

Rent bariatric powerchairs in Columbia, SC. Jazzy 1650 power chairs are have a heavy duty construction and can accommodate weights up to 650 pounds. Give us a call about renting electric wheelchairs or powerchairs.

Invacare 9805 Patient Lift

Hydraulic patient lift for rent in Columbia, SC. Invacare patient lift rentals make transferring patients from one resting place to another safe and convenient. Call Today To Learn More

Pridde LL-570 Patient Chair Lift With Remote

Patient lift chair for rent in Columbia, SC. Pride LL-570 full reclining lift chairs are ideal for anyone who has a difficult time standing up from a seated position. To learn more about renting a lift chair recliner please call us today.

Pride LL-670 Patient Lift Recliner

Columbia, SC Lift chair rental. Pride LL-670 infinite reclining lift chairs are ideal for individuals who have a difficult time reaching the standing position. Pride LL-670 lift chairs are capable of accommodating weights up to 375 pounds. To learn more about renting a lift chair in Columbia South Carolina please call us.

Pride Go-Go Ultra X3 Mobility Scooter By Pride

Power scooter Rental in Columbia, SC. Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheeled scooter is compact and has one hand feather-touch disassemble, making transport simple. Travel Mobility Scooters For Rent Near Columbia South Carolina

Heavy Duty 4-Wheeled Pirde Maxima Power Scooter

Heavy Duty Power scooter for rent in Columbia, SC. Pride Maxima 4-wheeled scooters are ideal for individuals in need of a scooter capable of holding up to 500 pounds. Travel Scooters For Rent in Columbia South Carolina

Invacare Knee Scooter With Hand Brakes

Columbia, SC Knee walker rental. Knee walkers by Invacare offer style and comfort while accommodating patients weighing up to 300 pounds

Invacare Fully Electric Hospital Bed

Hospital bed rental Columbia, SC. Full electric hospital beds by Invacare allow for convenience and independence for both patient and caregiver.

Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed

Hospital bed rental Columbia, SC. Semi electric hospital beds by Invacare offers a safe and convenient environment for patients and their caregivers. Hand controls allow you to adjust the feet and head sections of the bed for optimal patient comfort. Call For Rental Rates

Invacare Dual Blue-Release Adult Walker

Line Walker rentals Columbia, SC. Invacare Dual Blue-Release Adult Foldable walker by Invacare provides the patient additional support to maintain stability or balance while walking. Give us a call to learn more about renting a mobility walker.

Invacare 4 Wheeled Blue Rollator/Transport Chair

Rollator rental Columbia, SC. Rollator walkers are sturdier then a conventional walker and allows the patient to stop and rest when necessary.

Tilt Top Overbed Table

Overbed table rental Columbia, SC. Invacare tilt-top overbed tables have three angled positions and are ideal in medical facilities and in home use.

Phototherapy Biliblanket By GE

Biliblanket rental Columbia, SC. GE Bili Blanket Plus delivers up to 45 microwatts of therapeutic light and is perfect for in home or hospital use.

CPAP Beathing System

CPAP for rent Columbia, SC. Invacare Polaris EX CPAP is a medical device allowing patients to rest better at night by treating sleep apnea.

Stratos Portable Plus Lightweight Air Compressor

Nebulizer rentals in Columbia, SC.Stratos Portable Plus aerosol compressor rentals are easy to use and small enough to fit in your hand.

Microair Alternating Pressure Low Air Mattress

Alternating Air Mattress rental Columbia, SC. Microair alternating pressure low air loss mattress by Invacare has a temperate climate for individuals with the ability to circulate air in the mattress. Low Air Loss Mattress Rental Columbia South Carolina

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