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The Best Destinations For a Fall Camping Trip

There’s no denying that summer is a great time of the year to camp – warm nights, swimming, sunshine – but in our opinion, it doesn’t get any better than huddling up around a campfire in the fall. From changing colors to cooler temperatures, fall makes camping so much better. If you’re thinking of heading […]

Camping Trip to Grand Canyon

Rent Beach Gear in Marco Island

Here are 5 of The Best Islands in the U.S.

With the school year over for the summer, most families who have decided to take a vacation together this summer are probably knee deep in the planning stage. If you’ve settled on a beach destination, but aren’t sure where to go, we can help. Below, we’ve shared a list of the five of the best […]

How to Survive a Spring Break Flight with the Kids

In just a few weeks, most schools will be taking a break, which means many families will be hitting the road (or boarding a plane) for family vacations and a little rest and relaxation. If you’ll be flying with the kids for spring break this year, there are a few things you should know before […]

Tips for flying with kids for spring break vacations

Where to rent a boat

The Best Places to Take the Boat on the East Coast

There are few activities better to do in the summer than boating. Whether you enjoy spending the day lounging on a pontoon boat or renting a boat for a little weekend fun, it’s fun to spend time relaxing on the water. While there are great places here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to go boating, […]

A Handful of Things Only the Super Wealthy Can Rent

Most folks can afford to rent the most commonly rented items: cars, tools, vacation homes, and apartments. But there are certain things out there for rent that only the wealthiest people can rent, charter or lease. Here is a a list with five items, courtesy of Andrew Lisa of GoBankingRates.com: Private Jets: Rather than sitting […]

The Top 6 Best U.S. Travel Destinations in 2015

I don’t know about you, but all of the cold weather has me thinking about my next vacation. But where to go? Fortunately, the travel experts at Lonely Planet have put together a list of their top U.S. destinations for 2015 to help travelers decide. Below, we’ve summarized their list. Travel safely! Queens, NY: Lonely […]

Two U.S. Beaches Make Fodor’s “Best” List for 2014

If you live in the Midwest, it’s pretty common to catch yourself daydreaming about warmer temperatures, sunshine, and sandy beaches this time of the year. To help deal with those bouts of cabin fever, why not spend some downtime planning a trip to some place where the only ice you see is cooling the adult […]

Take a Scenic Trip on the Back of a Motorcycle This Spring

With temperatures here in the Midwest hovering around zero, folks here can’t help but think ahead to spring. Instead of an annual camping trip or car ride to Florida for a week on the beach this spring, why not see some of the U.S. most scenic stretches of highway on the back of a motorcycle? […]

Chill Out During Your Weekend Getaway to NYC

It’s my personal belief, everyone should visit New York City at least once in their lifetime. Whether you go for the history and sites of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, the shopping on Fifth Avenue, the Broadway shows of Times Square, the amazing art at the Guggenheim Museum, to stroll across […]

Minus5 in NYC

Rock Climbing

Weekend Getaway Idea: Red River Gorge in Kentucky

The kids are heading back to school in just a few short weeks (and the crowd of parents goes wild). You’ve hit up the waterpark, the children’s museum, the county fair, the movies, and the outlet mall. So what’s left to do these last couple weekends? I’ve got the answer – pack up, and hit […]