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How to Avoid Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries This Winter

Well, winter is here, which means it’s time to throw on that winter coat, dust off those skis, and hit the slopes. To make sure you make it back home in one piece after a day of shredding, we’ve shared a list of tips from Dr. Theodore Shybut at Baylor College of Medicine below. Shybut […]

How to avoid skiing and snowboarding injuries

How to Go Camping in the Winter

When you think about winter, the last thing that probably comes to mind is sleeping in a tent outdoors in freezing temperatures. However, camping in the winter can be a lot of fun. Below, we’ve shared some some tips for camping in the winter, courtesy of Nikki Fotheringham for the Huffington Post Canada. Have fun […]

Tips for camping in the winter

Tips for staying safe on the ski slopes

Stay Safe on the Ski Slopes with These Tips

Winter is finally here which means many outdoor enthusiasts will be heading for the slopes to play in the snow. Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, snow biking or some other winter sport, it’s always important to put safety first. To help you stay safe wherever it is you shred, we’ve share a list of […]

Rent Your Stuff, Make Some Cash

  Sure, the experts say the economy is recovering but if you’re like most Americans, you’re probably still struggling to make ends meet or pay down debt. If a second (or third) job isn’t an option, there might be another way for you to bring in some extra cash: Rent your stuff. Below, we’ve shared a list of the top five things […]

Money Saving Tips

Golf Club Rental

Golf Rental Allows Players to Hit the Links without the Hassles

Golf is an expensive sport. From lessons and equipment to cart and green fees, players shell out serious money to chase a little white ball across a golf course from hole-to-hole. Unfortunately, there are many casual players who can’t afford or aren’t willing to buy their own set of clubs. Faced with few options, they typically borrow […]

The Wall Street Journal Tip of The Week Cites Rent It Today

In its weekend edition, The Wall Street Journal features a Tip of the Week column. The weekly feature in its Personal Finance section offers insights on money management and has covered topics as varied as travel deals, postnuptial agreements, and car insurance. The tips are intended to educate consumers on how to manage their money […]

Rent It Today Cited in The Wall Street Journal