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Diagnose On-The-Go with Mobile CT Scanners

Does your organization have a need for a mobile CT scanner for a temporary or long-term project but can’t afford to purchase a new piece of equipment? No worries. The folks at DBRS Medical Systems, Inc. have a solution. Formed in 1992, DBRS Medical Systems, Inc. has grown into one of the largest providers of […]

Go Green by Reducing Paper Documentation

Document Scanner Rentals in the US and Canada

Per research conducted on the internet: The average company makes 19 copies of each paper document. The average company spends $20 filing each document. Searching for lost or misfiled paperwork costs $120 per document. On average, companies lose 1 in 20 documents. The average time to recreate a lost document is around 25 hours. In […]

Nationwide Short Term Copier Rentals and Office Equipment

No matter where you are located, when you need quality computer and office equipment for a temporary amount of time, Short Term Copier Rental can help. All Your Document Solutions Available Across the U.S. Is your company printer down? Do you have an unusually large project that requires thousands of copies? Do you wish you […]

Short Term Copier Rental's nationwide office electronic rentals

Surviving the Waiting Game at the Copier, Fax, or Scanner

Office equipment, including copiers, fax machines, and scanners are indispensable tools in most office settings. And when you are given a deadline, it is even more important that the equipment you need is available on your time. Imagine it – You are minutes away from giving the most important presentation of your career. You logged […]