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Segway of Oakland Now Offers Rent-To-Own Program

The Segway might not be the safest mode of transportation, but they sure are a hell of a lot of fun to ride. If you’ve spent some time in a major city (or shopping mall) recently, you’ve probably spotted a tour guide, police officer, or mall cop rolling around on what has become one of […]

Rent a Segway in Oakland

Rent Stair Lift in Atlanta, GA

101 Mobility Mission: Educate and Inform Disabled Persons

This is the second in a series of blog posts which feature an interview with Joel Brenner, Marketing Director for 101 Mobility. 101 Mobility is a nationwide provider of accessibility and mobility solutions. Click here to see the first installment of this series. RIT: Tell us a little bit about the people your company helps. […]


Renting Commercial Kitchen Supplies Has Its Benefits

While the claim that 90% of all restaurants fail during their first year of operation may be just a myth, there’s no arguing the fact that opening a restaurant is both stressful and difficult. From renting a commercial space and hiring employees to building relationships with vendors and purchasing supplies, there are several steps that […]

How They Roll: RNR Provides Rent-To-Own Performance Wheels and Tires

Whether you’re driving a Maserati or a minivan, you want to be rolling around on the best. A new set of high performance tires can provide a safe and comfortable ride while a set of shiny new rims can turn heads at stoplights. RNR, formerly known as Rent-N-Roll, offers rent-to-own custom wheels and tires for […]


TV Rental with 2010 Final Four Logo

Home Furniture and Electronic Rentals For Events

Today we are introducing several complementary home furnishing rental categories that are relatively new at www.RentItToday.com:    Home Furniture, Electronics and Audio Visual Equipment, Appliances, and Computer Rentals.  In addition this topic provides an opportunity to spotlight a furniture, appliance, and electronic rental company, UHR Rents. Furniture, appliance, and electronic rental companies, are reporting significant […]