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Rent Golf Clubs in Phoenix AZ from Travel Golf Center

In the summer, there’s plain few pleasures to heighten your senses than the crisp air, smell of freshly cut grass and the clinking sound of golf balls careening off the head of a driver club. The next time you’re in Phoenix or Las Vegas, Travel Golf Center will make sure you get to experience the […]

Tiger Woods with George Bush

Hotel Palomar in Phoenix Launches Bike Rental Program

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, you’re probably aware of the boom in popularity of bike sharing and rental programs across the U.S. From Portland to New York City, many businesses, organizations, and cities have implemented pedal-friendly programs to encourage employees, visitors, or residents to ride to get around. […]

Travel Lite and Improve Your Golf Game In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Golf Vacation Planning and Club Rentals in One Place at Travel Golf Center If you’re going to Phoenix, AZ on a golf trip and want convenience, choices, and value in your golf experience, then you want Travel Golf Center. The Valley of the Sun has over 200 golf courses providing world class golf experiences […]

Wildfire Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ

Where to find Baby Gear Rental Phoenix AZ

Baby Equipment Rentals in Phoenix AZ

        A few years ago, when Rent It Today first started picking up speed, I told my partner we needed a new rental category to serve a growing segment of the rental industry: Baby Equipment Rentals.  At first he was unsure, however after a short discussion and a few quick Google searches […]