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Increase Productivity with Document Management Rentals

If you own a financial firm, law firm or medical office you are fully aware of the significance of having your files organized. Maintaining the files of hundreds, if not thousands, of clients is a tedious process that shouldn’t be neglected. Why bury yourself beneath a mound of paper when you can switch over to […]

Document Capture

where to find surveillance camera rental

Video Surveillance Spending Expected to Spike Following Boston Bombings

In the wake of the tragedy in Boston in April, experts predict the market for video surveillance equipment will see a big boost in the years ahead. Prior to the bombings in Boston, the video surveillance industry was already on an upswing with projected growth expected to hit $20.5 billion in revenue in 2016 according […]

Document Scanner Rentals in the US and Canada

Per research conducted on the internet: The average company makes 19 copies of each paper document. The average company spends $20 filing each document. Searching for lost or misfiled paperwork costs $120 per document. On average, companies lose 1 in 20 documents. The average time to recreate a lost document is around 25 hours. In […]

Go Green by Reducing Paper Documentation