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Orlando Finds Itself On Bottom of Walkability Rankings

Home of the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. According to a new study, however, it isn’t a popular spot for pedestrians. Of 30 metro cities located across the country, the city of Orlando ranked dead last in walkability. The report, compiled by the George […]

Where to find DME rentals for vacation

Tips For Traveling with a Special Needs Child

Summer Vacation Creates Lasting Memories Summer vacations with your family are some of the most cherished moments of life. No matter if a trip has more short-comings than not,  family vacations supply us with a lifetime of memories to share over and over again. Preparation is key when planning family excursions, especially if your a child manages special […]

Range Anxiety Hurting Electric Car Rental Market

By 2015, President Obama had hoped to have one million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in the United States. That goal now seems a bit lofty unless demand picks up – and consumers’ anxiety dies down. According to a recent article published in Bloomberg, many rental car drivers are trading in an EV for […]

Tesla Model S. Photo courtesy of www.autoblog.com

Box of Chocolates

A Trip to Orlando to Get a Whole Lot Sweeter

Sure, spending a day at Disney is awesome, but there are few things in the world better than chocolate. In June 2013, the World of Chocolate Museum and Café will open its doors to the public for the very first time. Located in Orlando just a few miles from SeaWorld and Universal Studios, the World […]

California & Florida Baby Equipment Rentals for Legoland

I don’t know a man or woman in my circle that doesn’t have memories of playing with Legos as a child. Now that I have my own children, I see the same excitement on my son and daughter’s faces when they construct a castle or car wash  as when I was a kid building a […]

Legoland Dinosaur


Kissimmee Rodeo Provides Fun for Families on a Budget

If money were no object, we’d pack up the entire family and hit up all of the tourist hotspots in Central Florida: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, etc. Unfortunately, family-friendly doesn’t always mean budget friendly. If you’re headed to Kissimmee, however, you have some options. Not Their First Rodeo Family owned and operated since […]

Spend a Day at Daytona, But Skip the Beach

Let’s face it: There’s only so much time you can spend at the beach. After the sandcastles have been built, the cooler is empty, and your body is somewhere between beet red and burnt, it’s time to seek some shade. Although its beach and International Speedway get most of the attention, Daytona is also home […]

Downtown Disney Isn’t a Theme Park (and That’s a Good Thing)

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you know it’s all about the theme parks – and for good reason. The Magic Kingdom, the first of four theme parks built at Disney World, is one of the most visited theme parks on earth while Epcot hosts over 10 million visitors each year. Admission to these amazing […]

Florida Photo Scanning & Document Preservation Services

Do you have a sizable collection of pictures taking up space in your Florida home or business? If so, scanner equipment rental programs, along with digital document and photograph preservation services can help. Pictures are an important part of creating lasting memories. As a Mother, I can attest to having taken thousands of pictures of […]

Photo Scanners for Rent in Florida

Orlando Backhoe Rental from Volvo Rents

Construction Equipment Rental Orlando FL

  Please note: As of  February of 2014 Volvo Rents has become Blueline Rental. For more details on the change see the press release. Anticipated demand for construction equipment rentals in Orlando, Florida has spurred major industry player Volvo Rents to acquire the Orlando based company Contractors Equipment Rental (CER). The acquisition allows Volvo Rents […]