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Need a Paper Shredder or Copier in a New York Minute?

  When You Need It Yesterday, Look to Experienced Rental Equipment Providers Unexpected circumstances and events are not uncommon in New York City or any other major metropolitan area. Of course there are easily identified events like 9/11 or the recent Hurricane Sandy which can throw a wrench into even the most well laid out […]

New York Office Supplies

Office Damaged By Superstorm Sandy

After the Storm: New Jersey & New York Office Equipment Rentals

Was your business devastated by Hurricane Sandy? Are you trying to get your company back in working order by looking for a scanner rental, printer rental, or copier rentals in New York City? If so, Rent It Today, and partnering company Short Term Copier Rental, are ready to assist. Restoring Livelihood Unquestionably, Sandy had devastating […]

Rent a Document Scanner and Reduce Paper in Your Workplace

Most every profession uses paper when documenting information. That information includes businesses policies, job processes, client and staff files, purchase orders, reports, manuals, and so on, and so on. Statistically, it was recently reported that each office worker in the US uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year to perform their job. In today’s environmentally-friendly […]

Reduce Office Paper Usage with a Rented Document Scanner

Rent Office Equipment from Marathon Services

Los Angeles Copier Rental, Printers, and Fax Machines

  “The customer’s total satisfaction” is the philosophy at Marathon Services, a Los Angeles, CA copier rental and office equipment sales company. Seasoned in the business, Marathon Services has provided copier rentals and sales to companies throughout the United States since 1979.  Alongside copy machines, they also offer fax machines and printers for rent or […]

Copier Rentals and Office Equipment Pittsburgh, PA

  Looking for copiers and office equipment rentals in Pittsburgh, PA? Look no further than Precision Copy Products Inc. Since 1989,  they have met the office equipment needs of companies, individuals, and traveling executives throughout the communities of Central and Western Pennsylvania. Precision Copy Products specializes in printing and copying equipment solutions for businesses. They offer […]

Sharp Multifunction Copiers for Rent in Pittsburgh, PA

Surviving the Waiting Game at the Copier, Fax, or Scanner

Office equipment, including copiers, fax machines, and scanners are indispensable tools in most office settings. And when you are given a deadline, it is even more important that the equipment you need is available on your time. Imagine it – You are minutes away from giving the most important presentation of your career. You logged […]

Did You Get That Memo? Rent a Computer and Office Equipment

We’ve all experienced a time when we want to throw the computer out the window or recreate the infamous Office Space printer scene. Most of us eventually calm down before entering destruction mode, but some actually get to the point of follow through. Soon after, however, they come to realize they really need that item […]

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