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Top 3 Wheelchair Accessible Attractions in Oahu, Hawaii

  Rolling Around Hawaii Travelers who have physical disabilities should rest assured in knowing that Hawaii has numerous tours and locations that are wheelchair accessible. Oahu is under the jurisdiction of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that wheelchair ramps be available next to staircases and escalators should have a corresponding elevator. Here’s […]

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Retired Seniors Find Plenty to Do in New Orleans

Is 2015 the year you’ll finally retire and call it quits for good? Congratulations! You’ve earned it. While most seniors see retirement as a chance to rest after decades of punching a time clock, the fact that you don’t have to deal with the daily grind doesn’t mean you have to be regulated to a […]

Tips for Choosing a Walk-in Tub

While traditional tubs have their benefits – they’re perfect for babies, puppies, and relaxation – they can be tough to get in and out of, especially for those dealing with mobility issues. The solution? A walk-in tub. Featuring a watertight, hinged door that “provides a much lower threshold to step over”, walk-in tubs can range […]

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Top 4 Wheelchair Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with Halloween costume ideas when you’re incorporating a wheelchair can be an exercise in imagination. Pop-culture characters in wheelchairs are a good place to start. Rent It Today would like to help you pick a character with a few obvious choices that come to mind. If done right, you might just win “Best […]

Home Wheelchair Ramps Provide Safety for Seniors

As we grow older, it often becomes more difficult not only to get up in the morning but also to get around the house. Whether a senior lives in a ranch or two-story home, chances are he or she has to climb at least a couple of stairs to enter their home. Although they may […]

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Round Table Discussion at White House

White House Celebrates ADA Anniversary

On July 23, 2013, the White House held an ADA Anniversary Champions of Change event to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the passage of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). During the ceremony, several individuals were honored for helping spread the word of the importance of the ADA, inspiring others with disabilities, and doing extraordinary […]

Visit to Battleship Cove is a Trip Back in Maritime

Although some of us had not yet been born when the Second World War came to a close nearly 70 years ago, it is an important part of our nation’s history we will forever remember thanks to those who served. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, Battleship Cove was founded by wartime crew veterans who fought […]

Take a Stroll Along the San Antonio River Walk

They often say things are bigger in Texas. If you’ve ever walked along the San Antonio River, you might start thinking to yourself that things might be more beautiful there as well. Located one story beneath the streets of downtown San Antonio, the San Antonio River Walk, or Paeseo del Rio, is a network of walkways running […]

All Medical is the All-Around Source for Home Medical Equipment

Sure, you may be retired and you’ve noticed it isn’t as easy to get around these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confined to one room in the house for the rest of your life. There are hundreds of products on the market today that improve the quality of life for seniors and enable them to […]

Winter Night in Boston

Overcome Cabin Fever this Winter with a Mobility Rental in Boston

Tis the season for chilly weather, but also for cabin fever. Sure, it’s nice to stay inside all snuggled up by the fire when the cold winds of winter arrive, but you can only stand so much before the urge to get out of the house takes over. If you live in or near the […]