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Get Ready For Some Bubbly Fun At The Bubble Palooza   Recently updated !

In today’s economic environment it can at times be a challenge to turn the occasional frown upside down. Many Americans solve the working man blues by living for the weekend, with the average American spending twice as much money on alcohol and tobacco than they do on life insurance. If that’s not your thing, there’s […]

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Madrid, Spain

Spanish Chain Room Mate Launches New Vacation Rental Website

Does anyone stay in hotels anymore? As the popularity of vacation rental sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway, continues to rise, another booking company is ready to jump into what is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace. Earlier this month, Spanish chain Room Mate launched Bemate.com, a private rental site that “fuses the freedom of […]

TripAdvisor Releases List of Top Value Summer Rental Spots

Well, if the hot temperatures and unbearable humidity hasn’t given it away, we’re here to tell you that summer has officially started. If you live in the Midwest, you’re probably already thinking about taking a trip to someplace cooler or at least near a large body of water. Am I right? I thought so. Before […]

Sportscaster Kavita Channe Stays Off Injured Reserve

Renting a Knee Walker After Suffering an Injury Allows Her to Keep On Rollin’ You never know what to expect when fielding incoming calls at the Rent It Today call center. Due to the wide variety of clientele, rental item requests are diverse. It certainly keeps our call center representatives on their toes. Included among […]

Tips For Traveling with a Special Needs Child

Summer Vacation Creates Lasting Memories Summer vacations with your family are some of the most cherished moments of life. No matter if a trip has more short-comings than not,  family vacations supply us with a lifetime of memories to share over and over again. Preparation is key when planning family excursions, especially if your a child manages special […]

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Miami Exotic Car Rentals to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Let’s be honest. Does anyone out there understand how Bitcoin works? More importantly, does anyone think the digital currency will catch on? Although it’s unlikely the peer-to-peer payment system which uses technology to operate with no central authority of banks (instead transactions are managed and currency is issued collectively by the network) some businesses across […]

BoatSetter Launches Latest Peer-to-Peer Rental Service

Well, it’s not the first boat-sharing business to hit the water, but the founders of BoatSetter are confident their company can separate itself from the rest. Introduced at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this month, BoatSetter is a peer-to-peer boat rental service that connects boat owners with clients looking to spend some time out […]

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Seven Miles Bridge

Historic Florida Bridge to be Wheelchair-Friendly

One of the most historic bridges in south Florida will soon be accessible to visitors of all abilities, according to a recent story in the Miami Herald. Thanks to a $1.16 million plan authorized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, a new ramp will improve access to the Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon Key. […]

80’s Pop Star Guest House for Rent

Want to live like an 80’s pop star or at least like one of their overnight guests? Well, we have good news. According to Curbed, Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio are renting out their amazing guest house in Miami Beach, Florida for a cool $30,000 per month. A “Floridian Villa” Located on 1 Star […]

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What To Do With All That Extra Cash Each Month

Light Up A Cigar With a C-Note? C’mon, You Can Do Better Than That! After the groceries are bought, the bills are paid, and the cars are filled up, do you have an extra $30,000 sitting around each month? I have a couple ideas of what you can do with all that moo-lah. First, there’s […]