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Refurbished C-Arms Can Offer Upgraded Performance

Your Medical Imaging Equipment Can Meet or Exceed Original Factory Specifications. While using C-arm imaging equipment in pain management, orthopedic surgery, vascular or cardiac procedures, time can take its toll. Not only does mobile fluoroscopy equipment become outdated, it can also suffer wear and tear. The  x-ray machine is mobile and is thus subjected to bumps and bruises from […]

Kraft Medical C-Arm Refurbishment

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C-Arm Rental a Practical Solution to Medical Training Needs

  Complete Packages Offered by Medical Imaging Equipment Rental Professionals. Each and every day mobile C-arm machines are used to improve and to save lives. Used by hospitals, surgery clinics, doctor’s offices, and also by veterinarians, the mobile c-arm x-ray is an invaluable diagnostic imaging device. The demand for licensed x-ray technologists to operate these […]