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Tips for getting your lawn ready for spring.

The How-To Guide to Prep Your Lawn for Spring

Here in Northern Kentucky, the weather has been beautiful for the past few weeks. While the temperatures have been a bit chilly, the sun has been shining and lots of folks have been out in the yard planning and prepping for the spring growing season. So where should you start? Below, we’ve shared a list […]

Build a raised bed at your home.

3 Types of Raised Garden Beds You Can Build Yourself

When it comes to growing your own herbs and vegetables, you can spend your time crawling around on the ground and digging in the dirt, or you could build a simple raised bed and reap the benefits of planting a garden off the ground. Below, we’ve shared a list of benefits of raised beds as […]

How to Start Planting Your Own Edible Garden Today

So you’ve got a bare spot in your landscaping or a small patch of grass in your backyard that you’re looking to fill. Sure, you could plant some more flowers or maybe even a small tree, but have you considered adding some edible plants? From herbs and berries to vine-grown veggies, there are lots of […]

Back to Basics: Getting Your Lawn in Tip-Top Shape

If you’re like me, lawn care involves three things: Mowing, trimming, and weeding. Unfortunately, to get your lawn in tip-top shape, there are several other things that need to be done. Earlier this month, Dean Fosdick of the Associated Press, put together a short list of guidelines for folks to follow if they want to […]

3 Reasons for Why Your Lawn Tools Need to Be Sharp

With any DIY job you might be doing around the house, you need the right tools. Even more importantly, those tools need to be in tip-top condition. This time of the year, most folks here in the Midwest spend a lot of time outside tending to their yards. Whether it be mowing the lawn or […]

Lawn Care Advice

How to Improve Your Landscaping in 3 Steps

Warmer temperatures and sunshine are just around the corner (we can feel it!). To help you get ready for planting season, we’ve shared a few things to consider from the landscaping experts at Central Lawn Care here in Northern Kentucky before picking out your plants (NOTE: This article originally appeared in The River City News): […]