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New iPad App from AMC Enhances Rental Experience

Just in time for Christmas, movie theater giant AMC is bringing together two of the most talked about things in America: Hollywood and the iPad. First introduced in March, AMC has release an iPad app for its Yeah! online movie rental service. The app, which is available for free at the iOS App Store, “gives […]

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Scribd Jumps into E-Book Rental Industry

Considered the most popular site for sharing documents on the web, Scribd has made a bold jump into a new market that some are calling a leap of faith. Earlier this month, Scribd officially launched an e-book rental service that is built directly into its existing platform. Although the site will continue to allow users […]

Tech Providers Now Offering iPad Rental

iPad rental is here.  Are you planning on holding a seminar or trade show, but worry you won’t be able to get patrons actively involved? The easiest (and cheapest) solution is to rent iPad’s. Many tech rental providers have added the iPads to their rental inventories. You can utilize these industry shaping tablets for mobile […]

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Rent an iPad in the Sky or On the Ground

The iPad is everywhere these days – at home, at the office, on the road, around the world – and for good reason. Friends of mine who own the device constantly refer to their tablet as a “game-changer” as if their iPad alone has given them the ability to take over the world. Perhaps they’re […]

Holiday Savings Tip: Rent Gifts for Loved Ones

Do you find it difficult to justify spending hundreds of dollars on the latest game console or newest electronic each holiday season for your child, knowing in a few short months something even better will come out, and that he will “need” that one just as much as he “needed” the other? Well, I have […]

By the time you finish reading this post, there will probably be a newer version of the Apple iPad available.