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Cities Where Landlords Are Making Big Money on Rentals

In many cities across the country, it’s good to be a landlord. An increased demand and shortage of quality rentals has led to rising rates and now thousands of property owners are rolling in the dough. If I were to ask you where landlords where making the most money, you would probably blurt out New York or San Francisco or Chicago. […]

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Rent an Apartment

Best Rental Markets for Returns on Investments

As the country continues to try to climb out of the financial hole dug during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history, several investors are turning to the rental market for big returns. According to a recent report by RealtyTrac, “a leading source for comprehensive housing data”, rental property in America posted an average annual return of […]

Green Energy Initiatives Paying Off For Extra Space Storage

Green Energy Generates Green Cash as Company, Investors, Customers Win The challenging economic conditions which have faced businesses in recent years have spurred industries to seek initiatives which help control costs. Managing energy costs are important in virtually every industry, and self storage is no exception. Several companies in the self storage industry have undertaken […]

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Indianapolis, Indiana Rental Real Estate Market

Rental Property Still A Safe Bet In Indianapolis, Indiana

In today’s unsteady economy many investors are looking for a safe place for their money to land that not only has a potential for an increase in equity but also has a possible cash flow – so as a result a natural choice is real estate in the Indianapolis Indiana market.  Real estate purchased in […]