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Get Ready For Some Bubbly Fun At The Bubble Palooza

In today’s economic environment it can at times be a challenge to turn the occasional frown upside down. Many Americans solve the working man blues by living for the weekend, with the average American spending twice as much money on alcohol and tobacco than they do on life insurance. If that’s not your thing, there’s […]

Where to find event rentals

Self Storage and Recycling Packing Peanuts in Miami, FL

One of the prime motivations for renting a self storage unit is to stash valuable items in boxes.  Storing your possessions off site in a rented self storage unit is a great option. Packing in preparation for a move, unpacking after a move, or even getting a box delivered to your door might mean you’ll […]

Construction Equipment Rental Orlando FL

  Please note: As of  February of 2014 Volvo Rents has become Blueline Rental. For more details on the change see the press release. Anticipated demand for construction equipment rentals in Orlando, Florida has spurred major industry player Volvo Rents to acquire the Orlando based company Contractors Equipment Rental (CER). The acquisition allows Volvo Rents […]

Orlando Backhoe Rental from Volvo Rents

Baby in a Suitcase

Traveling with a Baby to Orlando FL

There is nothing quite like the anticipation which precedes a trip or vacation excursion. It’s the rare person who doesn’t look forward to going on a weekend getaway or taking a vacation to an exciting travel destination. For many kids or small children the chance to visit Disney World makes Central Florida and Orlando a […]