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Two-Way Radio With GPS Helps Boost Response Times

Let’s say you’re the head of a mall security team on Black Friday. At some point during your shift, you get a call from a store employee about a theft or a fight that has broken out in the store. Rather than sending out a blanket message, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with the […]

Two-way Radio Rentals for Security

Black Friday

Rent 2-Way Radios For Black Friday in Chicago

It’s that time of year when Black Friday ad campaigns start popping up on TV. For many, they serve as a public safety announcement on par with Cold War-era air raid drills–a warning sign for (sane) American citizens to safely avoid all box stores. Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy–all are to be avoided like the zombie […]

Bonnaroo Marks Official Start of Summer

Ignore your calendar. The summer starts when the first act at Bonnaroo hits the stage. Now entering its twelfth year, Bonnaroo is an annual four-day music and arts festival held at Great Stage Park on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Named among the 10 Best Festivals by GQ Magazine, Bonnaroo began in 2002 as […]

Art Institute of Chicago Uses New Technology to Tell Its Story

Looking to grab the attention of those passing by the new Leroy Neiman Center, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has purchased 25 Christie MicroTiles to create works of art in each of the 16-foot tall windows on either side of the structure. Unlike traditional video display boards and monitors, the new […]

Did You Get That Memo? Rent a Computer and Office Equipment

We’ve all experienced a time when we want to throw the computer out the window or recreate the infamous Office Space printer scene. Most of us eventually calm down before entering destruction mode, but some actually get to the point of follow through. Soon after, however, they come to realize they really need that item […]

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