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Here’s Why Steamboat Springs, CO is Bike City USA

A hotbed for outdoor recreation, the state of Colorado has it all: Rivers, mountains, ski slopes, paths, and thousands of miles of bike trails that weave throughout the state. In fact, one city in Colorado has so many options for cyclists that it has been crowned Bike City USA. Located about miles from Denver, Steamboat […]

Bicycle Riders on Trail

Jacksonville Hyatt Introduces Urban Bike Rental Program

These days, it seems like we can’t go more than a few days before writing about another bike-share or bike-rental program popping up in a U.S. city. On the heels of our latest blog entry on Skyride, comes a major announcement from the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront who recently debuted an urban bike rental program […]

Startup HelmetHub Helps Riders Protect Their Noggins

As the price of gasoline continues to soar and more individuals and families choose to make their homes in urban cores, cycling has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. In fact, many larger cities across the U.S. are looking to become more bike-friendly by installing bike lanes and implementing bike-sharing programs to […]

Top Cities to Cycle

Get Out and Ride in One of the Country’s Top Cycling Cities

In just a short couple of months, Old Man Winter will take a long vacation and warmer weather will roll in across much of the country. Higher temperatures and sunny skies offer the perfect opportunity to get outside and ride. If you’re a cycling enthusiast or just like to see the sights on the back […]

Taipei Bike-Sharing System Passes Milestone Rental Mark

Over the past few years, bike-sharing programs have popped up all across the world. Designed to improve accessibility and reduce traffic, the programs have been a success in many major cities in Europe and the U.S. In Taipei, however, the program has been a homerun. Launched in 2009, the country’s YouBike system had many struggles […]

Off Kilter Bike

Off Kilter Bike Puts Unique Twist on Cycling Experience

If you’re serious about cycling, you need the right gear. At Off Kilter Bike in St. Andrews, that includes a kilt. Offering tours of the beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and the surrounding area, Off Kilter Bike rents mountain bikes with a custom made biking kilt to private clients and groups. Whale […]