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Cities Where Landlords Are Making Big Money on Rentals

In many cities across the country, it’s good to be a landlord. An increased demand and shortage of quality rentals has led to rising rates and now thousands of property owners are rolling in the dough. If I were to ask you where landlords where making the most money, you would probably blurt out New York or San Francisco or Chicago. […]

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Seattle, Washington

Spike in Rent in Seattle Highest Among Major U.S. Cities

All of that caffeine isn’t the thing keeping folks in Seattle up at night these days. It’s the rising rents. According to a recent article in The Seattle Times, the city of Seattle has seen the “sharpest rise in rent” among the most populated cites in the United States since 2010. Over the last three […]

Rental Plots Help Florida County Community Garden Grow

Across the country, community gardens are popping up in major cities and suburban towns alike. Often started on a vacant lot or small piece of land that has sat unused for a number of years, these gardens are usually maintained by volunteers, students, residents or a combination of all three. The gardens often provide fruits […]

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On The Road Again: Megabus Offers Low Cost Bus Service Across North America

As gas prices continue to climb, many families have been forced to put annual vacations on hold. Road trips to Florida, the Grand Canyon, Lake Michigan, and other favorite destinations have been replaced by “staycations” or trips a little closer to home. Fortunately, thanks to Megabus, those on a tight budget can still afford to […]