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Who Rents Camping Equipment Near San Francisco

How to Have a Great Camping Trip on a Budget

Here in Northern Kentucky, the weather is warm and it’s still summer vacation. What does that mean? It’s camping season, baby! While camping is already a relatively inexpensive way to travel, there are several ways you can save even more money and still have a lot of fun. Below, we’ve shared a list of tips […]

How to Plan a Camping Trip in Northern California

It’s no secret that Northern California is one of my favorite places to visit. In fact, I’ve written about San Francisco several times over the past couple of years right here on this blog. As winter continues to freeze the midwest, I can’t help but think about taking a trip west to visit the Bay […]

Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Trail Checklist for Fall

Fall is here and with its arrival comes some great weather for hiking. Aside from cooler temperatures, bright colors are dotting landscapes and trails across the country, which make for one heck of a walk in the mountains. One of our favorite places to explore on foot is the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. This […]

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Fall camping essentials

How To Prepare for the Perfect Fall Camping Trip

Camping is one of our all-time favorite past times. Camping in the fall is even better. The cooler temperatures combined with beautiful scenery, make the fall the best time of the year to hang out around the campfire and sleep outdoors. If you’ve never gone camping in the fall and aren’t sure what you’ll need, […]

Going Camping But Don’t Care For It? These Tips Are For You

Let’s face it: Camping isn’t for everyone. In fact, many people I know would prefer to stay the night at a rundown hotel before ever sleeping on the ground or cramming into a camper. Camping, however, can be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to unplug and get away for a weekend. Plus, […]

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Into the Wild: Exploring The Biggest Camping Trends for 2013

A Recap Of Emerging Camping Trends Honestly, it’s been far too long since my last camping adventure. Growing up, we’d often take family trips to camping sites across southeastern Indiana, central Kentucky, and throughout Ohio. As the kids got older, the outings were fewer and farther between. Many of us went off to college while […]

Where to learn about Camping Trends

Fearless Camping with Personal Locator Beacon Rentals

Into the Wild In recent years, the celebration of the rustic American has been a growing trend in the entertainment industry, perhaps because rustic folks have become harder to locate. Discovery Channel is laden with shows that perpetuate the belief that Americans are interested in engaging the natural world around them, but are stuck in neutral, […]