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Rent a Bike to Pass a Little (or a lot) of Time at the Airport

There are many great things about flying. But spending time in an airport isn’t one of them. From delays at TSA checkpoints to layovers and cancellations to mechanical and weather issues, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck in an airport longer than you’ll be stuck on a domestic flight. Sure, a magazine or book […]

Hotel Palomar in Phoenix Launches Bike Rental Program

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, you’re probably aware of the boom in popularity of bike sharing and rental programs across the U.S. From Portland to New York City, many businesses, organizations, and cities have implemented pedal-friendly programs to encourage employees, visitors, or residents to ride to get around. […]

Taipei Bike-Sharing System Passes Milestone Rental Mark

Over the past few years, bike-sharing programs have popped up all across the world. Designed to improve accessibility and reduce traffic, the programs have been a success in many major cities in Europe and the U.S. In Taipei, however, the program has been a homerun. Launched in 2009, the country’s YouBike system had many struggles […]

Share the Road

Share The Road & Share Your Bicycle

We’ve all heard of car sharing. Not only is this beneficial to individuals looking for a temporary vehicle, but it’s monetarily advantageous to those offering their car for rent. It only makes sense the next transportation sharing idea to hit the road is bicycle sharing. Spinlister, a online service that lets you locate and rent […]

Pretty Hefty Guideline to Rent a Bicycle in NYC

Just less than two months ago, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched an effort to get New Yorkers in shape by instituting the largest bike sharing program in the nation, Citi Bike. Brooklyn and Manhattan are the test regions, offering numerous rental locations across each city. There are some guidelines that must be followed in order […]

Citi Bike in NYC

New Year's Eve Celebration at Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West

Vacation Rentals for New Year’s Eve in Key West, Florida

We all associate Key West with key lime pie, coral reefs, Hemingway, and Duval Street. But did you know that Key West is also the site of some very elaborate and unique New Year’s Eve celebrations? If you are planning a Key West vacation for the end of the year, and want to save time […]