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Visit Wright Brothers National Memorial to Celebrate Aviation Day

What better way to celebrate aviation than at a national memorial dedicated to the original maestros of flight: Orville and Wilbur Wright? Monday, August 19 marks National Aviation Day and to commemorate the occasion, Rent It Today will direct you in the right direction as you take your vacation trip to the birthplace of the […]

The Wright Brothers

Riding in the Chopper: Helicopters for Hire

Looking to arrive in style? Sure, you could rent a limo. Or, you could make a statement. Dedicated to providing the best flight experience you’ve ever had, Paradigm Helicopters offers a variety of flights including charters and tours. Departing from Ellington Airport in Houston, Texas, Paradigm Helicopters offers V.I.P., off-shore, and corporate charter flights on […]

Charter Flights and Private Jet Rentals

If you are planning a vacation, weekend getaway, business trip, or need corporate travel solutions, Charter Flights, Private Jet Rentals, and Helicopter Rentals are modes of air transportation you can count on. From light jets, medium sized private jet charter rentals, large jet aircraft, prop planes, and more…options are limitless when it comes to reserving […]

Reserve a Charter Flight