Florida Marina Promotes Boat Rental as Remedy for Coronavirus Blues

Salty Sam’s Marina in Ft Myers Beach, FL Says: ‘Get Out On The Water’ American’s are known for responding to challenges with novel ideas and Salty Sam’s Marina, located in Ft. Myers Beach, FL. has responded to the Coronavirus with one of their own: Rent a boat and get out […]

Boat Rentals Ft. Myers Beach FL

VOCSN Ventilator

The VOCSN Respirator Celebrates 3 Years of Success

Since receiving clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April of 2017, Ventec Life System’s VOCSN multi-function ventilator has been enthusiastically received by individuals coping with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, as well as a wide range of respiratory conditions. You can view their uplifting stories here. To […]

Busting the Perception Disabilities Are Fixed, Static, or Permanent

Raising awareness and mindfulness of the changing nature of some disabilities is the goal of Halifax disability advocates April Hubbard parked her car in an accessible parking spot at Dalhousie University. She hung her accessible parking permit, and walked around the back to pull out her wheelchair. But before she […]

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Stranded Burning Car

Disabled Yukon Auto Doubles As Firewood

Stranded in Frigid Conditions, Canadian Travelers Burn Their Car to Survive Want to learn very quickly the value of a satellite phone? Wreck your car in a remote area with no cell phone service. Police remind those venturing outdoors to consider a satellite phone as part of an emergency survival […]

Inaugural Tracked Wheelchair Rental Program at National Park is a Success

Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park plans to double the number of tracked wheelchairs available for rent in 2020 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park, located at the northwest tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, was established in 1970. For the last 50 years its abundant forests, miles of sand […]

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home medical equipment rentals sevierville tn

Sevierville TN Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Rent It Today Welcomes Bess and Company Based in Sevierville, Tenessee and serving the Sevier County region, Bess and Company is welcomed by Rent It Today to our growing lineup of home medical equipment rental providers. Bess and Company offers durable medical equipment (DME) rentals in Sevierville, TN by the […]

Host A New Year’s Eve Casino Party

Get Your New Year Off to a Memorable Start With US Casino There’s more to planning a holiday casino event than just calling up a rental company and reserving tables and chairs. Casino party planning entails taking into account important parameters that many novices tend to overlook or underestimate. US […]

New Year's Eve Casino Party Planning

CADD Infusion Pump Maintenance

CADD Prizm Maintenance from Infusystem

Infusystem Keeps Your Infusion Pumps in Optimal Working Condition Infusystem is your go-to source for Smith’s Medical CADD Prizm Infusion Pump repair, service and maintenance.  The importance of an infusion pump operating at its optimal level cannot be understated. After periods of use, an infusion pump can decline in performance or […]

Black Diamond Casino Events Will Plan Your Cincinnati Casino Party

Black Diamond Casino Events is a casino party planning and rental company based in Cincinnati, OH. If you’ve visited the floor of a casino, you can attest it is a very stimulating experience. Illuminated with with lights which create a swirl of colors, the visual aura alone is spellbinding. You […]

Bay View Homecare

Bay View Homecare Teams With Rent It Today

Rent It Today is excited to partner with Bay View Homecare, expanding our group of reputable medical equipment rental companies. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Bay View Homecare sells, services, and rents durable home medical equipment and serves the entire Baltimore metro region, as well as the Ocean City, MD area […]