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Where To Rent Air Filtration Units For Hospital Indoor Air

  Rent Air Filtration Units Through Temp Air The Ebola crisis that found its way to the United States has raised alarms in many hospitals nationwide. Emphasis on controlling infectious diseases within medical facilities is the top priority. Even though Ebola is not an airborne virus, roughly 10% of health-care associated infections (HAIs) are transmitted […]

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New York and Jersey Rental Resources For Super Bowl 2014

Are You Entertained? Super Bowl. Two words that draw advertisers like sharks to blood. The 48th over-bloated, corporate bread and circuses hosted by nonprofit association (laugh), the NFL, is set to take place at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014. Some are calling this game the “Weed Bowl” or “Bong Bowl”, due […]

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Temporary HVAC Solutions From Temp-Air

As the cold winds of winter sweep across most of the United States, contractors will be looking to rent temporary heating units for temperature control on the job site. Temp-Air offers temporary HVAC solutions for several on-site work applications including masonry work, concrete pours, ground thawing and interior finish work. When working inside a building […]

Cool Off On Air Conditioning Appreciation Day with AC Rentals

That’s right, there’s an appreciation day for air conditioning too. It seems if there’s an event that involves more than three people, it has its own special calendar day, right? Some appreciation days leave you raising eyebrows, but in the case of this one, most people agree. The national occasion is recognized from July 3 […]

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