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One-Way Ticket Out of Dodge in a Rental – for Free

You know you’ve thought about it. After weeks, months, or years behind that office desk, you just want to get away. No, I’m not talking about a three-day road trip or a weeklong stay at some dated condo along one of Florida’s many beaches. I’m talking about getting away for good – or at least for […]

Time Machine Rentals

Go Back to The Future In a Delorean Time Machine Rental

Back to the Future Children of the 80s and 90s remember when 2015 felt so far away in time that any of the predictions in Back to the Future Pt. II seemed plausible. Well, it’s finally 2015 and surprisingly, many of the futuristic predictions in the film have come to fruition. We don’t travel in […]

Rental Car Insurance

How to Avoid Costly Rental Car Insurance

Perils of Renting a Car Renting a vehicle can suck sometimes. Those who travel frequently can and will attest to this cold hard fact. You’ve heard the nightmare stories before. Precautionary tales of what to look for when stepping into the sterile, sleek lobby of the numerous rental car facilities stationed around the airport. The […]

Rent ‘Fast & Furious’ Exotic Cars in Los Angeles, CA

The Fast & Furious Franchise Continues If you would’ve told the 13-year-old version of me in 2001 that The Fast and the Furious would’ve been a launching pad for a massively successful franchise with a seventh entry in 2015, I would’ve laughed. The fan favorite franchise has remained popular with Millennial audiences for over a […]

Furious 7

Renting a Car? Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes

Although car rental companies are making it easier than ever to book a vehicle, there are a couple of things you should know before making a reservation to avoid paying more than you should. In a recent article for U.S. News & World Report, writer Susan Johnston put together a list of tips to help […]

Renting a Car? Your Credit Card Benefits Might Not Cover Everything

So you’re heading out of town and you’ve decided to rent a car. You don’t have your own insurance policy but know your credit card offers built-in collision benefits should something happen while you’re away. So I guess that’s it, right? Unfortunately, no. While your credit card company may offer collision coverage as part of […]

What’s Left Behind in Rental Cars Will Shock You

If you’ve ever rented a vehicle, you were probably only worried about two things when you called or clicked to make your reservation – price and size. After an investigation by TODAY investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen, another concern may top the list. To find out just how clean rental cars are before you pull them […]