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New Richmond, Ohio: A Place to Unwind for Awhile

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonard Da Vinci The Zen of Simplicity There are days when you just feel like driving down the highway on a whim, trusting the open road ahead to lead you into the arms of a welcoming entity. Day-tripping is what this kind of day-cation is known as and people […]

New Richmond, Ohio Scenic View

Your Yacht Isn’t Complete Without One of These

Okay, so maybe you don’t own a yacht, but I bet you’ve spent some time thinking about what it would be like to float around on one. Today’s superyachts are a billionaire’s dream and feature gorgeous interiors and “cutting-edge technology, including fixed-pitch propellers combined with a Rolls-Royce central booster jet” that lets riders cruise around […]

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Top 4 Tips for Renting a Houseboat This Summer

Now that the kids are out of school for the year, many families are counting down the days until their summer vacations. Here in Kentucky, one of the most popular summer destinations is Lake Cumberland. From camping and boating to hiking and fishing, Lake Cumberland offers a little something for everyone. For those families interested […]

You Can Rent John Wayne’s Private Yacht

John Wayne was larger than life and so were his interests. His role as the amiable, straight-laced cowboy hero would appear in nearly 250 movies from 1930 to 1977.  The Duke, as Wayne would come to be nicknamed, has one of the most legendary careers of all time. Over 35 years since his death, fans […]

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Ogden, Utah a Place for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Art Lovers and History Buffs   Recently updated !

If you hear someone mention Ogden, Utah, outdoor fun and history might be the first two things that come to mind. In fact, the first thing that pops into your head is probably a question: Where the heck is Ogden? Referred to as “…a Disneyland for adrenaline junkies” in 2008 by Sunset Magazine, Ogden is […]

Lake Cumberland Cabin & Boat Rentals

Did you know the majority of American made houseboats are manufactured in the counties surrounding Kentucky’s Lake Cumberland? The Bluegrass State’s finest vacation getaway welcomes thousands of visitors every summer with miles of open space for skiing, fishing and boating. Lake Cumberland is considered the nation’s number one houseboating destination. If you’re planning a trip to […]

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Boating Safety Advice for Children

Now that Memorial Day is officially in the books, boating season is in full swing. Here in Northern Kentucky, many individuals and families will spend at least a weekend or two on the water this summer. From boating on the Ohio River to water skiing on Lake Cumberland, there are plenty of great spots within […]

Top 10 Boating Safety Tips

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, Kentuckians across the Commonwealth will be booking their last minute trips to one of the state’s most popular destinations – Lake Cumberland. From water-skiing and tubing to boating and jet-skiing, Lake Cumberland will be packed with people out on the water all summer long. To make sure your time at […]

Rent a Kayak While in OBX

Top 5 Kayaking Tours of the Outer Banks   Recently updated !

If you enjoy exploring the Great Outdoors, there might not be a better place to visit than the Outer Banks in North Carolina. From beaches and birdwatching to kiteboarding and kayaking, the Outer Banks is the perfect destination for the adventure seeker. Ready to start planning your trip? Here is a list of the top […]