NBC’s Parks and Recreation Jumps on Board the Rental Bandwagon

Rent Anything, AnywhereWith each passing day, we’re witness to people catching the “renting bug.” First, it was cars and tuxedos. Then, it was beach chairs and wedding items. Next, came the electronics and party inflatables. Now, it’s just about anything you can imagine. And when I say anything, I mean even chickens, caskets, and bear spray. Yeah, I said bear spray….and chickens….and caskets.

Renting Just Makes Sense

People are catching on. In a time when gas prices are higher than my bangs in the 80’s and a good pair of jeans means my dinners for the next month will contain the word ramen, renting goods is a forehead-smacking fix to saving some green. I’m not saying you should rent underwear (and yes, underwear rental is real, and no, I’m not going to link to it.), but for inconsistently used items, or to live out a life-long dream, renting is the way to go.

Parks and Recreation’s Rent-A-Swag

Even the folks at NBC have caught on. Have you heard of the show Parks and Recreation? If not, step away from this blog post right now, and go set your DVR. I’ll wait……

I won’t get too detailed, as I don’t want to be a spoiler (and because I want you to keep reading), but basically, one of the main characters experiences a lightbulb moment which leads to the creation of Rent-A-Swag, described as “high end clothes rentals for teens, tweens, and everything in betweens.” Ya gotta watch.

All The Kids Are Doing It

High end clothing rental may be a new concept for a tv show, but it isn’t new in the world o’ borrowing. Just ask the employees that pay their own rent with a check from Rent the Runway, Fashion Forward Maternity, or Tie Try. It seems like everybody’s doing it!

Have I sold you on renting yet? What if I told you you can rent casino party items? Or a Lamborghini? Are you even still reading this, as I’ve included Are rainbows the future of happiness?well over the recommended number of links per blog post?

What’s On Your Rental Wish List?

When I started working at Rent It Today, I was blown away by the amount and types of everyday items available for rent. That list continues to grow right along with the popularity and sensibility of renting. Now, if only someone could find a way to fulfill my rainbow rental idea, then I’d be a happy blogger.

I’m curious, what rental item would make you a happy renter?

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