GPS Technology Now Helps Keep Track of Kids and Seniors


Global Positioning System's Role in Locating Missing Persons

Your Child or Aging Parent Need Never Become Missing with GPS Technology

At one time Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and tracking devices were used exclusively by the military, for which they were developed. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan issued a directive making GPS freely available for civilian use, and from there the technology has been improved and developed to the point it now offers tremendous benefits to the general population.

Child Tracking

A personal tracking device can be a valuable asset for a parent who wants to ensure their child’s safety is protected and their whereabouts are available. Designed to be small, unobtrusive and lightweight, a child GPS tracking device is an invaluable tool which allows parents peace of mind that is unparalled. Some take a form that is similar to a bracelet while others are traditional devices that can be clipped to a belt or dropped in a bag.

As a parent, the safety of your child is among your biggest priorities. GPS devices allow you to pinpoint the exact location of your child at virtually any time and any place. With GPS tracking you Missing Person Amber Alertcan know where your child is when you can’t see them.

GPS technology is of particular benefit to individuals who care for children that have special emotional and/or physical needs. The increased risk of these children wandering off is a prime reason why GPS monitors are employed to reduce stress and promote security as well as peace of mind. This is true when the child is both directly or not directly in your immediate care.

Monitoring Teenagers

If you have teen age driver, renting a GPS monitoring device for use in their vehicle has several benefits.

The most obvious is allowing you to locate your vehicle and monitor where it is and has been. GPS devices also allow you to see what speed your vehicle is being driven. Research has shown if your teen knows you are monitoring where they are driving and how fast they are going via GPS tracking, they are far more likely to drive safely. Not only does this mean they are less likely to be involved in an accident, they are also less likely to incur a speeding ticket. Both mean keeping a lid on insurance costs, too.

Senior Acountability

Our population is aging and if you have a spouse, parent or grandparent who is no longer able to look out for themselves like they used to, renting a GPS device can help you help them.

Seemingly every day you can find stories about elderly people wandering away from home. Some may be afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease or simply a slow decline in mental capacity which reaches a tipping point. Sometimes these people are not found for weeks, and some tragically succumb to exposure if harsh weather conditions are prevalent. If your senior wears a GPS device, their whereabouts can be quickly verified if they wander off unexpectedly. You can also determine where they are if they are in the house, too.

Some GPS elderly tracking systems which you can rent have the capability to create an electronic line around a specific area. If the GPS device leaves this designated area, you will automatically be alerted, thus heading off any potential problem.

The overall benefit of renting a GPS tracking device or monitor can be summed up in one sentence: It’s better to know than not to know.




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