Holiday Savings Tip: Rent Gifts for Loved Ones

Holiday Savings Through Rent It Today

Do you find it difficult to justify spending hundreds of dollars on the latest game console or newest electronic each holiday season for your child, knowing in a few short months something even better will come out, and that he will “need” that one just as much as he “needed” the other?

Well, I have the answer to this predicament, and it ain’t no Christmas miracle.

Santa’s Little Secret

I don’t claim to know everything, except when it comes to an argument with my husband. I do know, however, that renting electronics or finding a source that rents game consoles, is the way to go in this savvy age of having most everything available for rent. Further, as we’ve all experienced at some point, it’s also the age of technology upgrades that occur faster than the amount of time it takes us to learn how to turn our first gadget on and off.

Save Time, Money, and HeadacheBy the time you finish reading this post, there will probably be a newer version of the Apple iPad available.

At Rent It Today, we know the stress that can come with the holidays. You have decorations to fashion, parties to host, cards to send, cookies to bake, and often the most stressful task is finding a way to give our children their most desired gift. When I was a child, that perfect gift came in the form of a $10 Sno-Cone machine that I had to crank by hand. Times have changed, though, and now, especially for our teens and young adults, the perfect gift can break the bank when purchased.

Let Rent It Today help save you time, money, and ease the worry of whether or not you will be able to give your child that iPad they’ve been begging for, or most up-to-date Nintendo or XBOX that Suzy, Jimmy, and every other one of their friends already has.

Relax Concierge -If you’re on the Jersey shore, treat your guests to a holiday party like they’ve never experienced with rentals from Relax Concierge. Just relax, and let their items keep everyone entertained! They even personally deliver your rentals right to your door, and will pick them up when your finished with them.

For a complete list of rental companies, and a sure-fire way to create joyous Christmas memories, visit Rent It Today, where we make renting simple!

Be The Cool Parent Everyone Wishes They Had

Parent of the YearThis concept of renting Christmas and other holiday presents will not work for every situation. If that were the case, my brothers would be less than thrilled when they opened their customary boxes of underwear and socks. It is ideal, however, for those big ticket items.

The best part? When you rent electronics, you simply return them when you are finished, i.e. when the first of the year hits, and the current item becomes obsolete and a newer, better available version. Then, as easily as you rented the first item, you rent the next! This keeps you up-to-date with technology and increases your cool points with your kids…well, it helps, at least.

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