Medical Equipment Rental Makes Coming Home Easier on You and Your Wallet

Because You Don’t Live in the Doctor’s Office or the Hospital

Headin’ for Home

A November 9, 2012 story from Chicago, Illinois illustrates why businesses that rent medical equipment have come into existence. In short, you just never know when you might need a hospital bed, wheelchair, leg caddy, or other type of medical equipment at home and need it quickly.

When you or a loved one needs medical equipment and needs it pronto, medical equipment rental businesses are there to get you through your time when you just have to have the right answer to your medical needs.

All He Did Was Open His Door

According to the story reported by WBBM in Chicago, a 59 year old man heard a commotion in the apartment above him which sounded suspicious. As he opened his door to go upstairs to check on his neighbor, he was shot in the arm by one of three assailants who were apparently leaving the scene of the crime and panicked when they were startled by the opening door and emerging neighbor.

The neighbor who was shot was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced in stable condition.

Planned or Unplanned, the Need for Medical Equipment Rental Is the Same

Find DME rentals in Chicago, ILGoing to the hospital for a scheduled visit is difficult enough, and unplanned visits can be compounded by the need for rehabilitation and recovery aids when you get home. For example, if you come home from the hospital and can’t climb stairs to your bedroom, you might need a hospital bed and a commode on the first floor of your home to accommodate you until you recover sufficiently to get up stairs again.

If you were going to be in that situation for a month or two, renting the medical equipment you require would be beneficial on two counts. First, you would be able to get it quickly and in most cases have it delivered. Secondly, the amount you would pay to rent the medical equipment would be less than purchasing it. In some cases, considerably less.

For example, in the Chicago area, a hospital bed can be rented starting at $200 a month. Purchasing one would run into four figures, when including a quality mattress.

Businesses renting medical equipment are a godsend when you need them. And when you’re done with your rental, simply call them and you’re done. They’ll pick up your rental and life returns to normal.

 Local Chicago area Medical Supply Company Lang Home MedicalBased in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, IL, Lang Home Medical has been serving customers requiring medical equipment rentals since 1989. They not only rent hospital beds, wheelchairs, knee walkers, and other mobility equipment, they also offer a full line of medical supplies to meet your health needs and offer delivery.

They take pride in providing you with the best personal and professional attention possible. Working with you and your physician, they have extensive experience in determining and supplying the right choice for your personal solution for durable medical equipment, as well as many other medical supplies.

The mission statement at Lang Home Medical Equipment sums it up:

“Total Mobility Advisors”

Visit their Rental Store by clicking here.


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