A Blogger’s Dream to Get in Mickey Mouse’s Pants

Mickey Mouse

I’m always researching new or interesting items available for rent to write about, and Airbnb never disappoints. We’ve featured them in the past with posts about the One Square Meter House and renting out your couch. Before we get to them again in this post, I’d like to share some personal background…

I Do Not Own Or Ride Horses (Insert Gasp)

I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area, which is a creative way to say “I grew up in Northern Kentucky, but want to deflect the stereotypes of not wearing shoes, only having two teeth, and marrying my cousin.”

There are many things this area is known for including Pete Rose, Cincinnati-style chili (Gold Star all the way!!!), German heritage, the Bengals, and Futuro House in Covington, KYJerry Springer (sadly). Anyone who grew up in the area also knows about the spaceship house.

The spaceship house built in the 1960’s is aptly named the Futuro House. It  is located in Covington, KY, and is visible while crossing the Brent Spent Bridge. The design by architect Matti Suuronen captures the feeling of the era in which it was constructed – new age, technological advancements, and freedom to pick up and move at a moment’s notice. And, as I recently learned when researching, it does not stand alone. There were 96 Futuro Houses built, with approximately 60% currently accounted for.

Back To The Point Of This Post

Similar to every child in the area, I thought it would be so cool to live in the spaceship house. Now that I’m grown, I realize it would be terribly claustrophobic. Further, I couldn’t indulge in my shoe and purse obsessions, and I would have nowhere to escape the sounds and tea parties of my two young kids. Anyway, I digress.

As a child, seeing the spaceship house led me to dreams of living in a home shaped like Mickey Mouse or the Frisch’s Big Boy (Don’t ask. I have no idea.). I even designed the interior with my bedroom spanning the length of the eyes of each character. I was most excited for my plan for Mickey’s ears. They were to be the hidden locations for all my Cabbage Patch dolls and Care Bears.

At this time, I haven’t found any architects that plan to acknowledge my juvenile yet highly creative and imaginative idea, but in the meantime, you can rent some incredible and unique accommodations from Airbnb.

The Old Woman That Temporarily Lived In A Shoe – Literally

Shoe Shaped Cottage Rental in New ZealandAmusingly, the following rentals are available throughout the world, and are listed on Airbnb.com: a 1907 NYC Ferry Boat in Hoboken, NJ, a classic VW Campervan in the United Kingdom, a Boeing 727 Fuselage in Costa Rica, a Windmill in Greece, an Igloo in Switzerland, a Treehouse in California, a Giraffe Manor in Kenya, and a Shoe-Shaped Cottage in NewFuselage Home Rental in Costa Rica Zealand.

Kinda makes my memories of staying in the Hilton during family trips to Florida sound boring now, even having lodged in suites that have a phone in the bathroom (pre-cell phone age, and yet I still can’t think of a situation that would call for the need to use a phone while going to the bathroom).

I Am Fully Dressed, Smile And All

For the record, as I type this, I am married to a man who is not my cousin, am snacking on almonds with my entire mouthful of teeth, and wearing shoes complimented by multicolored striped socks.


Mickey Mouse Image Courtesy: WallpaperDen.com

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