Learn About Bariatric Home Medical Equipment Rentals & Supplies

Larger Individuals May Require Bariatric Equipment For TreatmentLarger patients sometimes require bariatric medical equipment in order to accommodate their size during treatment. For example, an individual may benefit from a bariatric hospital bed for comfort after a medical procedure. They may also need bed accessories including a trapeze bar to assist and support safe positioning and transfer. If you work for a medical facility, a home healthcare agency, or are preparing your house for a loved one’s recovery, you’ve come to the right place. At Rent It Today, we make locating and renting your bariatric and additional medical equipment simple!

Bariatric Hospital Bed Rental

A hospital grade bed differs from a standard bed in that it is equipped with features that promote the comfort and well-being of patients receiving care. Those features can include electronic adjustment, lockable wheels, and side rails. There are also a variety of models of hospital beds, including semi-electric, full-electric, luxury, and bariatric, and each are available for rent.

A bariatric bed rental is common for larger individuals receiving in-home care, as well as when a medical facility receives a higher than normal volume of patients requiring bariatric supports. When you rent a bariatric bed, you’re enlisting a piece of medical equipment made with heavy duty materials that allow for a greater weight capacity. Additional characteristics of a bariatric bed rental can include heat and moisture reduction technology, automatic pressure adjustment, extendable side rails, and removable foot and headboards.Bariatric Hospital Bed

Bariatric Bed Accessories

When renting a bariatric hospital bed, you may also be interested in a bariatric trapeze bar rental.

A standard trapeze bar is a piece of medical equipment, typically attached to the headboard of a bed, that is used as a supportive device in transferring or positioning a patient.

A bariatric trapeze bar rental will provide appropriate support for bariatric patients with equipment features including floor stand, adjustable handbar, bumper guards, and greater height/reach/weight capacity. For those providing or receiving in-home care, a bariatric trapeze bar rental would be the ideal compliment to a bariatric bed rental for both patient and caregiver safety.


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